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I hope this is helpful. Tinnitus; Hearing loss; Post-Traumatic Stress; Lumbosacral or Cervical Strain; Scars; Limitation of flexion, knee; Diabetes mellitus; Paralysis of the sciatic nerve; Limitation of motion of the ankle The more the knee disability prevents the leg from straightening, the high the rating will be. Entitlement to a separate compensable evaluation for right knee strain with limitation of extension is not warranted prior to November 5, 2015. 38 CFR 4. 05-2424 b rian j. I'm able to bend my knees and everything but I'm experiencing pain when I stand up, sit down and lay down as well. In the past decade, several advances have occurred in the understanding, evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of knee instabilities. Jun 30, 2018 HELD: “[E]valuation of a knee disability under DCs 5257 or 5261 or both knee disability, which was rated 30% under DC 5257 for instability. Continued on next page 1. Jan 7, 2015 How Veterans can service connect for knee instability recall thinking that I should write a blog about instability when it comes to VA Disability. Working With a Disability Attorney. The severity of joint pain ranges from mild soreness to immobilizing pain, and it can last a few Final DoD / VA Ratings DoD: 100% with 40% Combat Related Special Compensation The Board finds the Soldier is physically unfit and recommends a Rating of 100% and that the Soldiers disposition be Permanent Disability Retirement. c. Regardless of the cause of your knee pain, whether it is due to osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, an old injury, a torn meniscus or cartilage, fracture of the knee or knee replacement surgery, the main issue the state considers after reviewing all your medical evidence is how long you can stand and walk over an 8 hour period and if a medical device such as a cane is needed for pain and Date: 2008/09/07 (Rev. (This period is mainly for the VA, but the DoD will also use it if the veteran is placed on TDRL before being permanently separated). If a service While the VA rating system doesn’t usually recognize pain as a disability, it may be factored in for arthritis—especially if it affects the knee. Symptoms of knee instability are usually noticed with twisting or side-to-side movements. § 4. R. 30:46 Total Disability based on Individual Unemployability (TDIU) – VA rating increase for veterans who can’t work Feel free to ask questions, give us feedback, or request new veterans' law The VA proposes more measureable rating requirements for instability of the knee. please read the privacy act and respondent burden information on reverse before completing form. Subluxation means dislocation of the patella, or My knee injury came back in full force, and I was forced to leave the gum early. After this, there is more paperwork and preparation required to present your case in front of an administrative law judge. Under 38 C. 40, 38 CFR 4. The second factor the VA will look at is instability. R. So we knew this exam would focus on the instability of the Veteran’s knee. section i - diagnosis important - €the department of veterans affairs (va)€ will not pay €or€ reimburse He left that knee alone. A proper VA disability rating for your knee based on functional loss will observe where in the range of motion the functional loss begins to occur # 5: Repetitive Use. The VA rating specialist will categorize instability of the joint in three ways: slight (10%), moderate (20%), or severe (30%). cuff problem, chronic tendinitis or bursitis, instability, impingement, a fracture, . To do this, you must have Adobe Acrobat® Reader (version 4 or higher) installed on your computer. Typical places for joint pain include the knees, shoulders, neck, hips, elbows, wrists, and ankles. I'm currently receiving compensation for knee instability (30%). rating for him evidence he ? Introduction. on appeal from the board of veterans' appeals Do you have a non-service-connected disability that you think is related to your service-connected disability? Our VA rating expert explains the details of how you might get the two linked together. 1c. select diagnoses associated with the claimed condition(s) (check all that apply): if yes, list any records that were reviewed but were not included in the veteran's va claims file: When it comes to arthritis of the knee, it is crucial that you have someone experienced in handling VA Disability Benefits claims review the VA Regional Office Rating Decision – and the code sheet. If you are like most veterans, you muster out of the service when you are relatively young. In partial or total knee replacement surgery, plastic or metal parts replace damaged tissues and bone of the knee joint. If you can show that your knee injury is service related, the VA will give you a disability rating for the condition. 71a Code 5055, disability ratings range from 100 percent to 30 percent disabling. When it comes to arthritis of the knee, it is crucial that you have someone experienced in handling VA Disability Benefits claims review the VA Regional Office Rating Decision – and the code sheet. (If you don’t know what the VA’s code sheet is, you definitely need to talk to a VSO representative or a VA Disability Benefits attorney!) Evaluation of ankylosis of the knee, subluxation of the knee, knee instability, meniscus lesions, and functional limitations knee cartilage problems, locked knee. The “walk of shame” out of the facility ended with me nearly falling in the parking lot. This appears to a pretty favorable C&P. Doctors give unbiased, helpful information on indications, contra-indications, benefits, and complications: Dr. 21-0960m-9. According to the VA 2015 Annual Benefits Report, limitation of knee flexion was the fourth most commonly-claimed disability during that fiscal year, with over 80,000 veterans receiving disability benefits for this issue. As I gracefully flopped into my car I recall thinking that I should write a blog about instability when it comes to VA Disability. Your physician must clearly document your high blood pressure diagnosis before you can get a VA disability for hypertension rating. How to Apply for Disability Based on Depression. Can someone please help me out here. This is not limited motion. S Army 1995-1998) receiving 30% disability to the rigorous stress placed on my right knee in the military it got worse . Degenerative joint disease of the spine is one of the most common claims made by Veterans for service-connected disability. The examiner noted instability of anterior/posterior movement at 80 degrees of flexion. (2) When two or more digits of the same hand are affected by any combination of amputation, ankylosis, or limitation of motion that is not otherwise specified in the rating schedule, the evaluation level assigned will be that which best represents the overall disability (i. A 0% rating is still helpful, however, as it entitles the veteran to VA benefits such as health care. It does not automatically qualify you for any particular benefits. 2900-xxxx respondent burden: 30 minutes. be a veteran with a service-connected left knee injury who, after service, goes on   Knee & Joint Problems for Injured Veterans - Captions the knee, functional limitations, knee cartilage problems, knee instability, locked knee, meniscus lesions  So I have a 20% VA service connected disability, 10% for each knee, ever since I left active duty around 15 years ago. omb approved no. regional office (RO) awarded him a 10% disability rating for degenerative joint disease, claimed as right knee injury. A recent ruling by the U. However, the veteran should attempt to argue the full disability  Jul 25, 2016 VA disability claims involving knee disabilities are very common, and the For example, there are ratings available for instability of the knee,  Learn how the VASRD rates conditions of the knee and lower leg for military disability Note: Instability can be rated in addition to other ratings for the knee. One of the oldest tricks in VA’s book is to give a veteran a rating that is not as high as it should be . I received an award letter saying my left knee was increased to 20% from 0% and my right knee was defer ankle conditions disability benefits questionnaire 1b. Instability of the Knee: The diagnostic code for instability of the knee is 5257. I asked for an increase on my left knee and claimed right knee secondary to already service connected left knee. I want to submit a letter saying my condition has worsened. Instability. Again, there are specific range of motion measurements that correspond with each percentage, and can be found here. knee and lower leg conditions disability benefits questionnaire. Disabling knee injuries can qualify you for VA benefits. The sheer volume of cases currently before the VA makes it such that a new claim may take well over a year before it is even seen by VA officials. 71a, Diagnostic Code (DC) 5055 (knee replacement (prosthesis)) and whether DC 5055 applies to partial knee replacement (PKR). Consult the disability professionals at Hermann Law. I suspect he was afraid he might get kicked somewhere vital. That is because back injury is so common during military service. About Neck Pain Veterans Disability Benefits Neck pain veterans disability benefits are available to veterans that suffer from whiplash, spinal cord damage, disc injury, nerve pinch injury, repetitive strain, or most any type of neck injury that started in military service. If they do not, you have a major uphill climb proving that your knee condition is service connected. 1 Some activities can exert more pressure on the knee joint and the structures that surround it, which can cause knee instability. Are knee pain and injuries from your active military service making daily living difficult? You may be eligible to receive a monthly veterans disability check if your team at Woods and Woods can prove that it is a service-connected disability. Jan 27, 2015 Many veterans with knee disability are unable to maintain gainful strain or tear: PCL tears can cause pain, swelling, and knee instability. Bilateral VA Disability Rating & Compensation Calculator Home / Veterans / Bilateral VA Disability Rating & Compensation Calculator Rates for Veterans Compensation Benefits – Effective 12/1/18 The prior VA Examiners had never considered the “instability” in his knee joint when low-balling his rating in the past. Date of diagnosis: ICD Code: Knee instability. Hearing loss affects more than 28 million Americans, including more than half of those over age 75. We should contrast , the rating for knee injuries with the rating for knee replacement. If you have been prescribed/wear braces by the VA Ortho doc for your knees does that warrant a seperate rating (for instability purposes)? Just had a re-evaluation on my sc knee condition and I felt it went fairly smooth compared to the initial C&P for service connection. what is the appro. Once again, most Veterans aren’t aware that they can file this claim separately from their knees. To file your VA disability for hypertension claim, have your physician fill out the Hypertension Disability Benefits Questionnaire for you. united states court of appeals for veterans claims n o. 100% Disability Ratings Based on Individual Unemployability. Based on this examination, the Veteran was granted a 20 percent rating for right knee instability. I get a small disability check from VA for what they consider 10% disability (that was at the time of the injury in 1997). In April 2002, the RO increased to 30 percent the rating for left knee instability, and continued the 10 percent rating for left knee arthritis with limitation of motion. 2016/06/13) Disabled World Synopsis: List of 2008 VA compensation rates for veterans with a disability rating of 10 percent or higher. After serving in Vietnam as an Infantry Platoon Leader with the 101st Airborne Division, Thomas Pamperin began his career with VA in 1974. The VA tried to slip a fast one by me. . , amputation, unfavorable or favorable ankylosis, or limitation of Understand the new rating for back and neck spinal disability . Here’s the story he told me. In 2009, the RO reduced the rating for right knee instability from 10% to a noncompensable rating, effective November 22, 2008. provide only diagnoses that pertain to knee and/or lower leg conditions. The previous example was 55%, rounded up to 60%, and this example was exactly 60%. Beresh on is a knee replacement categorized as a disability: It is not considered a total disability. How Can I Obtain the Maximum VA Rating for my Joint Disability? The above illustrates how large an impact functional loss and flare-ups can have on your VA disability rating. VA treatment notes dated January 2006 and May 2006 show complaints of tightness, pain, difficulty walking, and occasional episodes of "locking. In 1994 I was diagnosed with stress fractures of the knee bilateral. 45, and . Gibson. Diabetes mellitus – also known as “Type II” or “adult onset” diabetes – is a growing health issue among U. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims may have a major effect on the outcome of many veteran's disability claims If you have had knee replacement surgery on a knee with degenerative joint disease or after a bad knee injury, you may be able to get Social Security disability benefits—if you are unable to work. Kakarlapudi et al. . I'm rated at 30% for stomach issues. Since “mild,” “moderate,” and “severe” are difficult to uniformly define, more specific criteria is needed to eliminate inconsistent ratings. This is the impact of the math the VA uses to determine disability ratings. What is the va disability rating for shoulder injuries? 75% - What is the disability rating for a separated shoulder from the va? 28% - Husband rated 10% in each shoulders 2 years later l. Joint pain is very common; as many as one-third of adults suffer from joint pain at any given time. The latest edition of the form was released in June 1, 2017 and is available for digital filing. important - the department of veterans affairs (va)€will not pay€or reimburse€any expenses or cost incurred in the process of completing and/or submitting this form. That diagnostic code refers to “recurrent subluxation or lateral instability” and ratings are available for severe (30 percent), moderate (20 percent), and slight (10 percent). Less commonly, knee malalignment is caused by a congenital condition like Blount's disease or the nutritional disorder rickets (from vitamin D deficiency). A 21st Century System for Evaluating Veterans for Disability Benefits (2007) . Code 5055: If the entire knee joint has been replaced by a prosthesis, then the condition is rated 100% for the first year after the sur gery. Let’s be clear, though, not every Veteran who has a knee condition will also have issues with instability. The VA calls this Total Disability for Individual Unemployability (TDIU). How to use this calculator. Now i'm again having knee pain. The more the knee disability prevents the leg from straightening, the high the rating will be. The worse my left knee gets, the worse it aggravates my right knee. The right knee isn't as bad but it does feel like I'm being stabbed with a knife and there is gravel in the joint. Recently my knee has been "giving out" almost daily and knee pain is horrendous. For example, the VA rating specialist will evaluate an arthritic knee by its ability to perform normal, working movements. An ankle or knee injury may cause you to walk in such a way that you put stress on other parts of your body. My knee injury came back in full force, and I was forced to leave the gum early. In 1994, while at a park I began to fall from my right knee buckling and my attempt to compensate on the left led to a similar left knee buckling, loud “pop” and emergency medical attention. Knee Instability. name of patient/veteran Additionally, since your surgeries were by the VA, it may be that the VA VBA may consider the cause of your knee problem is not service connected. Secondary Disability VA Rating. Hearing problems—including tinnitus, which is a ringing, buzzing, or other type of noise that originates in the head—are by far the most prevalent service-connected disability among American Veterans. Even with the disability,  Oct 31, 2010 I'm an ex-veteran (U. This may occur in sports activities or may occur with simple tasks, such as twisting your knee to get in and out of a car. F. Right. Display and print this document in Portable Document Format (PDF). Side affected: Both. knee and lower leg conditions disability benefits questionnaire important - the department of veterans affairs (va) will not pay or reimburse any expenses or cost incurred in the process of completing and/or submitting this form. at 463-81. You can apply for disability online, by filling out the Application for Veterans Compensation and/or Pension, or by contacting your local VA office. If it wasn't for the meniscus tear, does it feel like your knee could handle a moderate level of physical Malalignment of the knees is more frequently seen in toddlers, and fortunately, the legs will straighten out as the child grows and matures. Home / Practice Areas / Social Security Disability & SSI / What Conditions Can You Get Disability Benefits for? John Tucker and his team of disability attorneys have handled disability insurance claims and lawsuits involving many different conditions. S. Find out here. The VA may recognize that the pain is The “Bilateral Factor” in VA Ratings When you receive a disability rating from VA, you need to make sure the rating has been calculated correctly. In our prep for the C&P Exam, I asked my client to describe his knee instability. To determine the level of disability, the VA schedule of ratings gives guidance based on the location and type of injury. Instability is rated under Diagnostic Code 5257. Posted in Uncategorized on November 14, 2017. Medical Discussion Paper - Knee Conditions & Disability. knee and lower leg conditions disability benefits questionnaire . When they leave the service, they apply for disability compensation for their knee problems through the VA, only to find their debilitating condition rated at 10 percent or lower. (If you don’t know what the VA’s code sheet is, you definitely need to talk to a VSO representative or a VA Disability Benefits attorney!) This rating focuses on the limitations of the joint’s range of motion. , “Knee instability: isolated and complex,” 34 Br. shoulder is down to bone to bone no cartlige left. For example, a knee injury might be rated based on the limitation of flexion or extension, measured in degrees. Having risen through the ranks, he is currently VA’s Deputy Under Secretary for Disability Assistance and is responsible for oversight of Compensation Service, Pension Service, Benefits Assistance Service, Fiduciary Service, and Insurance Service in the VA Disability for Hypertension: Claim Eligibility Requirements. Free Claim Assistance for Veterans With Breathing Problems. I have a question about your knee. You may be able to receive veterans (VA) disability for knee injuries, but only if you satisfy certain criteria. Example: A rating under DC 5257 for lateral knee instability. VA Disability Compensation Knee Replacement Ratings: Partial and Total. Previous studies have also reported residual instability after revision TKA (8% vs. Date of diagnosis: ICD Code: Recurrent subluxation. In establishing VA disability ratings for knee pain, instability, range of motion limitation or functional loss, the C&P examiner should not do a once-and-done measurement. These criteria include: A current medical diagnosis of a knee injury; An in-service event, illness, or injury; and A nexus, or link, between your knee injury and the event, illness, or injury during service Entitlement to a disability rating of 30 percent for chondromalacia with patellar subluxation, right knee, is granted for the period prior to July 23, 2009, and the period from October 1, 2009. On June 27, 2014, the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC) published a decision in Hudgens v. Reminder: The VA will give a Military Disability Rating for each service-connected condition a service member has, but the DoD will only rate service-connected conditions that make a service member Unfit for Duty. Some issues may be resolved by contacting the VA — such as, if your claim was denied for failure to attend a VA medical exam, you can ask the VA to re-open your claim and schedule the exam. The critical operative regulation the CAVC was interpreting was 38 C. If the VA agrees you have a disability, but says it doesn’t have evidence of your service record, you can ask the VA to reconsider if you have evidence Evaluation of ankylosis of the knee, subluxation of the knee, knee instability, meniscus lesions, and functional limitations knee cartilage problems, locked knee. If your military medical records show knee problems before you got out, my comments above apply. All VA Claims Articles. Understanding VA Disability Ratings for Diabetes. T he ankle is made up o f two main bones, the talus and the calcaneus (heel), and two joints, the ankle joint and the tarsal joint. How the VA disability rating system works and a list of 2008 VA compensation rates for veterans with a disability rating of 10 percent or Knee problems are a commonly claimed disability for VA benefits, and there are many different ways that a knee disability can be evaluated. Ruling overturns nearly 20 years of VA rating decisions. e. Enter the total number of rated disabilities, and then provide an appropriate disability rating for each of the conditions. VA Combined Ratings Table VA Claims New Program Will Allow Disability Ratings In 30 Days This makes up the majority of VA's disability claims. VA disability have me 10 percent for each knee, if their diagnosis was wrong can they come after me? - Answered by a verified Military Lawyer Instability is a recognized mode of failure of primary total knee arthroplasty (TKA), and 10%–22% of revision TKAs were performed for this cause 1, 2, 3, 4. The VA issued me with a 0% service connected disability for both knees. h art, a p p el la nt, v. by Chris Attig If there are 2 medical issues that nearly every single Veteran has to deal with, it is tinnitus and knee problems: which is why questions about VA disability compensation for a knee replacement are among the most frequent questions I get in my email inbox. VA Form 21-0960M-9 is a U. This is often the case when the VSR wishes to determine, for example, only the degree of a joint function, as in a knee va form jan 2011 . If you have a respiratory illness that you believe is service-connected, you may qualify for VA disability benefits. HOW TO GET SERVICE CONNECTED DISABILITY FROM THE VA Obtaining service connected disability benefits from the VA can be a long and tedious process. Instability of the knee is the exception to the pyramiding rule in all instances and is clearly noted as such. VA Disability Calculator; Veterans Disability Claims Posts. T. SECRET #1: Recognize the problem (disability) when it arises. I am to have surgery on the knee again. Some diseases may also be to blame for chronic knee pain, such as Osteochondritis dissecans , in which the cartilage between the bones of the knee becomes loosened and provides reduced support. In December 2011, the Board continued the 30% evaluation for the left knee disability based on instability under DC 5257, exclusive of the periods that the veteran had been assigned a temporary total evaluation based on convalescence following the meniscectomies. Yes, both VAOPGCPREC 23-97 and VAOPGCREC 9-98 state that compensation can be given for DC 5257 in addition to a code for arthritis (DC 5003), but DC 5257 is for instability of the knee, not limited motion. 59. I’ve actually filled out a lot of these applications in the past, and I’ve learned a few VA disability tips and tricks along the way. 1b. Department of Veterans Affairs form also known as the "Knee And Lower Leg Conditions Disability Benefits Questionnaire". 11 Secrets For A Winning VA Disability Case. m ansfi eld, a ct i ng s ecretary of v eter ans a ff ai rs, a pp ell ee. Learn about Disability Benefits for Arthritis - Understand how you may receive additional VA Disability Benefits if you are diagnosed with arthritis. Dear Veteran, here's the brutal truth about VA disability claims: I'm sure many you get the most accurate VA disability rating for knee pain #1: Range of Motion. As your disability percentage increases, it takes more disabilities with higher ratings to move the needle. g ordo n h. Also, just because you’ve been granted on a knee issue, it does not mean the VA will grant you on instability quickly. You are anxious to get out and the last thing you feel like doing is complaining about any medical conditions. The VA will then review the doctor’s findings, and either approve or disapprove the claim according to VA guidelines, governed by Congress. 36%) 1, 2. Guess Instead, they should qualify for full VA health care and disability benefits automatically. K. " Knee problems are commonly-claimed conditions for VA benefits. Knee instability is a condition, characterized by a loose feeling in the knee, particularly while making movements. And varies from patient to patient. Objective: To examine the following measurement properties of the Foot and Ankle Disability Index (FADI) and the FADI Sport: (1) intersession reliability during 1- and 6-week intervals, (2) sensitivity to differences between healthy subjects and subjects with chronic ankle instability (CAI), and (3) sensitivity to changes in function in those If serious enough to debilitate the patient, arthritis-induced knee pain can be covered under Social Security disability insurance. To ensure you receive the maximum rating that you are entitled to, there are several steps you can take including submitting lay statements and reviewing the VA exam. Understand Use the following calculator to help determine your estimated monthly compensation along with your combined disability rating. So did you have pain still after they grafted the cadaver tissue? I ask because that is a possible treatment for my knee after my PEB is over (that or a scope, whichever the doc thinks would help more). Hello Samuel, VA service-connected disability compensation back pay is usually only granted to your separation date if filed within a year of leaving the military, or to the date you filed your disability claim if it was filed more than a year after separating from the military. I was recently told I have stage 4 arthritis in my knee and will need knee replacement before 5 years or I will not be walking by a sports doctor. And the last factor is pain. Here are 7 hacks for filling out the initial application for VA benefits. Left. In summary of what you will see in this  Jun 15, 2017 Knee problems are a commonly claimed disability for VA benefits, and there instability” a veteran experiences with his or her knee condition. For the purpose of rating disability from arthritis, the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, and ankle are considered major joints; multiple involvements of the interphalangeal, metacarpal and carpal joints of the upper extremities, the interphalangeal, metatarsal and tarsal joints of the lower extremities, the cervical vertebrae, the dorsal " Bilateral Knee Pain GA_googleFillSlot( yuku-block-one ); I was discharged in 1992 with stress fractures in my left knee. According to VA Form 0960L-2, the Sleep Apnea Disability Benefits Questionnaire, the diagnosis of sleep apnea must be confirmed by a sleep study, conducted by a licensed physician. if their limited range use of a knee due to a service-related injury For example, the VA rating specialist will evaluate an arthritic knee by its ability to perform normal, working movements. May 26, 2017 The VA will most likely give the veteran a 10 percent rating under DC 5257. Since 1981 I have suffered left sided knee strains from favoring the right knee and eventual traumatic injury from the right knee instability and favoring. VA Disability - Step 4: The C & P Exam. I looked online for what is the specific term  Aug 1, 2017 1392, established the Veterans' Disability Benefits Commission (the . Jeff, The VA schedule for rating disabilities generally limits the evaluation for one knee to no more than 40 percent, which is really a combination rating – a rating for severe instability at 30% and a separate 10% for limitation of motion based on severe arthritis in a major joint. TDIU; Common Claimed VA Service Connected Disabilities. Due to the high psychical demands of military service, many veterans experience knee injuries or dysfunction. Knee Pain Veterans Disability Benefits Details. VA disability claim timeline 2019 (so far) I thought I’d at least get 10% for my knee since there was a tiny bit of instability and pain when I moved it. Knee Replacement. May 18, 2016 of Veterans' Appeals (“Board”) denying Mr. 1)The first thing and arguably most important hack is to know what it’s called. In discussing the instability of the knee, the VA examiner noted that the left knee had moderately severe instability. Veterans who can't do a significant amount of work may be eligible for a 100% disability rating based on unemployability, even though they could not be rated 100% disabled under the Schedule for Rating Disabilities. In difficult cases such as knee replacement cases, it is common to see your first application denied. Despite these advances, an unstable knee still poses many challenges to treating clinicians because of the complexity of its nature and the demands of the I have been dealing with chronic knee pain. The VA MRI'ed the knee and found that my meniscus and graft from a previous surgery is torn. Today we are going to discuss knee instability. It is ironic that actually after the veteran undergoes successful knee replacement with reduced pain instability and easier ambulation, the veteran is considered more disabled than he was before he underwent such surgery. Nov 6, 2018 VA Disability Ratings for Knee Pain, Functional Loss, Limitations on Range of Motion and Instability. Select the veteran status and enter other necessary details if needed. Knee and Lower Leg Conditions: Evaluation of traumatic and other injuries resulting in loss or alteration of function, location, type, tears, and weakness: torn scarred muscles. When Functional Loss is Not Used to Evaluate Musculoskeletal Conditions Functional loss as discussed in . is not used to evaluate musculoskeletal conditions that do not involve range of motion findings. In 2007, the RO awarded another 10% rating, this time based on knee instability. veterans. Hudgens a disability rating disability rating for instability in the right knee for a prior time period;  If you are suffering from service-connected arthritis, you may be wondering how the Veteran's Administration will rate your degree of disability. va disability knee instability

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