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'Honour' crimes in India: An assault on women's autonomy. Caste divisions existed in ancient Tamil Nadu like other parts of India. She continues, ‘Social stratification and the bondage of people to the land or to the fixed service seem to have been on the increase, but even at the end of the period, systems of caste, slavery or serfdom do not appear to be widely or firmly entrenched features of society in Tamilnadu. Currently, both cities are home to over 6 million people in India. Every year 20,000 people die due to venomous snake bites in India, Other facts about snakes of India are – King cobra is the most poisonous snakes in India and krait is the most deadly and dangerous snake of India. Why is India's most socially developed state - and one of the developing world's most advanced regions - an economic laggard? This question about Kerala, known all over the world for its lush landscapes, sun-drenched beaches and idyllic backwaters, has been a subject of intense debate among economists and social scientists. Chennai, which saw the last encounter on April 11 The big four dangerous snakes of India includes Indian Cobra, Krait, Russell’s viper and Saw-scaled viper. & da 1 Agamudayar including Thozhu or Thuluva Vellala 12011/68/93-BCC(C ) dt 10. - Duration: 18:19. If 22 MLA Bi-Election is not held in Tamilnadu, It should have been 20-19 for DMK and ADMK where atleast 2 -3 BJP Candidates should have won. 93 2 Alwar, Azhavar and Alavar (in Kanniyakumari district and Sheoncottah Taulk of Tirunelveli district ) -do- 3 Ambalakarar, Ambalakaran -do- 4 Andi pandaram -do- 5 Arayar, Arayan, Nulayar CHENNAI: The state police appear to have got into the encounter mode across the state with three dreaded criminals being shot dead in two months. Every where whether it is Tamilnadu, Sri Lanka or any where else in the World, Tamils exploit Tamils. If any, once the Brahmins are extinct, it would be directed at the next caste. Only thing the state did was listened to the high caste tamils who oppressed low caste tamils and low caste tamils became killers. To ban the term that has now come to be identified with the political awareness of an oppressed community is in 2 Though see Leonard (2015) for a recent exception. Tamil Nadu telling bride and groom to bring parents to register marriage sets a dangerous precedent in #Tamilnadu, years due to inter-caste marriages. May 13, 2009 That should explain why the Tamil Nadu cabinet accepted in-principle a B R Ambedkar may have foreseen dangers in caste being used as a  Apr 26, 2019 Caste continues to dominate the electoral discourse in Tamil Nadu, where the AMMK, a breakaway faction of the AIADMK, is likely to damage  Apr 21, 2018 Leaders from the Tamil Nadu Women Panchayat Presidents' Federation during a meeting in 2011. Some day, I believe no one will ask for a person's caste, and if at all a discussion on this happens, it will be jovial, and the kind of jesting I laugh at. This menu's updates are based on your activity. Stale ideologies, broken politics, fake narratives, dangerous cults—Tamil Nadu awaits a new idea, a new leader, a new story. Funnybones and with multiple charities to help farmers in the western provinces of India deal with drought. The mobilisation around caste has increased over the last few years, observers say, wherein Tamil Nadu has witnessed over 180 Within a village, relative rank is most graphically expressed at a wedding or death feast, when all residents of the village are invited. CASTE BASIS CENSUS India now goes to take out caste basis census. The communal forces are using education system as a means to inject the communal venom to further vested interests. The most obvious way to do so was through the use of India's unique caste system. Sharad Pawar Posts about Brahmin Terrorist in Tamilnadu written by indian. Note:-This below answer is written for just as a way of giving information to the readers and it has no othet intention. In the village of Melavalavu, in Tamil Nadu's Madurai district, following the election of a In June 1996, a group of persons attacked Murugesan, vice-president Mookan and others with deadly weapons, resulting in the death of  Vanniyars are the single most dominating caste who are found in northern parts of Tamil Nadu and they are the most politically powerful castes. Here parties have been thriving on a dangerous concoction of ‘Dravidianism’ and casteism. Posts about Brahmin Terrorist in Tamilnadu written by indian. How long will the wait last? Swarajya Ground Reports. I n Tamilnadu, PMK, the party of Vanniyars is on a dangerous path as it want government to set up a In our country the most dangerous manifestation of the divisive tendencies is the communal fascistic policies of the Sangh Parivar. . You have to change. 9 The issue o f child paper was considered as the most dangerous among Population density in UP (Uttar Pradesh) currently stands at 828 people per square kilometer, making it one of the densely populated states in India. The killed were mostly Dalits. Still literacy levels in Tamilnadu is too low at 74% and ranks 10th among the different states in the country. MARGAO: Archbishop of Goa and Daman Most Rev Filipe Neri Ferrao on Thursday expressed his concerns over the ‘rising communal violence in India emerging as the most dangerous of all social “Jaffna Low-Castes Stoned Arumuka Navalar – Godfather Of Vellahlaism” Way to go, so-called ‘Low Caste Tamils’! What is Caste, except a Ploy of one Group of People who joined together, to Isolate another Group, as Underdogs! No Basis in Fact or Biological Science! / Most of those articulating against patriarchy dont go deep to the root, henceforth we find patriarchy root growing without any hindrance. org Server is fault. Naidu is the caste name or caste title used by the people belonging to the Kapu castes and its subcastes Balija / Balija Naidu, Telaga, Ontari, and Turpu Kapu in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Orissa, Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. The caste system had been a fascination of the British since their arrival in Haryana is the most developed state in India and most economically developed state in south Asia. The Dalits are Caste traditional India’s principal category of social ordering and control is the most exhaustive and of noxious of all known exclusionary systems. Tamil actors who belongs to this caste are Jai, Premji Amaran, Lawrence Raghavendar It seems that the caste genie that the Dravidian movement unleashed is out of control now. Urdu Shine 157,384 views The accused in most cases were Thevars or those belonging to other powerful classes such as Vanniyars and Gounders. Of course Disclaimer: The primary source for the data used for these reports is the sworn affidavits provided by the candidates themselves. Below is the list of top 10 most educated states in India in 2019. Initially, during medeival times or when Kingdoms were common, a person or a community which possessed three main things were Converts to Chritianity from any Hindu Backward Classes Community or Most Backward Classes Community or Denotified Communities except the Converts to Christianity from Meenavar, Parvatharajakulam, Pattanavar, Sembadavar, Mukkuvar or Mukayar and Paravar 172. The humiliation is complete. I personally felt Muslims or Christians are not considered as 2nd class citizens in most parts of the country ( I may be wrong ,hence marked as most parts of the country is mentioned) . The pages to follow recount an attempt to comprehend the traditional caste system of the Tamil lands of South Asia in terms of the religious beliefs and world view of Tamil culture, which is without doubt one of the most distinctive of Hindu civilization's variant regional traditions. It has the largest nos. The detail analysis of Population Census 2011 published by Govt. At the home of a high-ranking caste member, food is prepared by a member of a caste from whom all can accept cooked food (usually by a Brahman). org. | سادات خاندان کی تاریخ / सआदत परिवार का इतिहास | Documentary In Urdu/Hindi. Here too, the case has not merely a caste bias but patriarchical element too. In today's political context, it is an invitation to state control over individuals' minds. Marital status is one of the important determinants of fertility and growth of a population. Every day, we witness such cruelty for which words are not enough but the last four years have only strengthen those forces who have perpetuated the caste crime. nadar, thevar and pillai community population, percentage, education levels 1 following The Gounders—a powerful middle caste of western Tamil Nadu, the second-most influential bloc in the party after Thevars, with veterans like C. They are also called as "Adidravidar". Also see: Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In The World 2017. 61% in this decade compared (2001-2011) to past decade (1991-2001). CENTRAL LIST OF OBC FOR THE STATE OF TAMILNADU E N. Jul 5, 2013 Ambalakarar Caste in Tamil Nadu Some of the Shudra castes are brought under the "backward castes" and "most backward castes. Not sarcastic, or caustic, or vicious. Today, in the state, nearly every caste group has a party. Eventually one of the ladies belonging to Royal family named Vellaiammal, fell in love with Madurai Veeran, this came to the knowledge of Nayak and he was highly furious. As is natural, they wield most of the political power in the state. TENKASI, called the Kashi of the South, supposedly for its Kashi Vishvnath temple, part of Tirunelveli district (Tamil Nadu), witnessed a pipe bomb attack on the RSS office on January 24, at 9 pm. These 52% of Backward Classes/Backward Caste (BC) population can have the power to decide the politics and opportunities in Andhra Pradesh. It may also include prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone because they are of a different race or ethnicity, or the belief that members of different races or ethnicities should be treated differently. One each from ST, SC, BC, minority and Kapu will be made Deputy Chief Minister's in This chapter concerns caste consciousness as it has been manifested in surprising though generally uncontentious forms, most notably where one can see conventions of jati and varna difference retaining their power in the modern workplace and in the thinking of educated city-dwellers. Top 10 countries with the strongest armies Every nation has various special strengths in their defence arsenal. The argument depends on a distinction between Hindu religion and Hindu society. (Mentioned in Thirukural(778), puranaanooru, silapathigaram, kalithogai etc about maravars) Caste & the Tamil Nation - Dalits, Brahmins & Non Brahmins "The Tamil nation is a political community, a grand solidarity. of India for Tamil Nadu state reveal that population of Tamil Nadu has increased by 15. Urdu Shine 157,384 views History Of Syed Caste. All the political parties are favorable to it. In any case, the British administrators were, understandably overwhelmed by these figures and felt obliged to find a way to compartmentalize chunks of population into manageable groups. The Lingayats and Vokkaligas make up 14% and 11%, respectively. 10 Most Interesting Indian Court Cases Everyone Needs To Know About the workplace was dangerous for many women especially in case of sexual harassment. In Tamilnadu Yadavas are the fourth biggest community the first being ‘Vanniar’, the second being ‘Kongu Vellalars’, and the third being ‘Nadars’. The major gap I feel those arguing patriarchy dont seem to understand the caste oppression. Research article written by London Swaminathan Post No. Tamil Nadu Resists New Law Despite Increase in Caste-Related Murders. ? all caste information please, esp. This is only state in India where 100% electricity provide in all rural areas. To know the actual population the community leaders are requesting the Government of India to enumerate Caste Wise Census in 2001 AD. 06 December, 2012 Countercurrents. They constitute more than 25% of the population of Andhra Pradesh. 234 In most cases, the usually The Criminal Tribes Act was one of the many laws passed by the British colonial government that applied to Indians based on their religion and caste identification. 3. 09. More than half of this state consider in Delhi NCR. Do you want to remove all your recent searches? All recent searches will be deleted caste groups, who are supposed to hate the caste system, also want to use their caste identity to gain benefits in the corridors of power and politics and, at the same time, they want to put a stop to the caste oppression imposed upon them by the upper castes. Nov 2, 2018 If crime in Tamil Nadu has taught us anything, it is that caste means The "most dangerous country" poll should not make us defensive May 27, 2016 Watch: Arundhati Roy explains why caste is central to the conflict between the The most recent occasion was the launch of a Tamil translation of BR only can I not speak Tamil, we are also living in very dangerous times. Ponnaiyan and M. They came to Sri Lanak looking for greener pastures. So the Term 'Dalit' Can't Be Used But 'Brahmin' and 6,000 Other Caste Names Can. According to a report . Aug 23, 2015 In Tamil Nadu, the temple is the centre of village – and community – life. Caste main factor in honour killings. A unique case would be Tamilnadu province in the Southern part of India- there are no surnames. DECCAN but he did not know that he was walking into a dangerous trap. The Indian Government is trying its level best to bring these states and their people to bring above the poverty line. Tamilnadu (TN) is possibly one of the most complex states in terms of politics and policies. YADAVA MOVEMENT IN TAMILNADU: Election watch Why caste is as important to Tamil Nadu politics as Amma vs Karunanidhi Recent years have seen the rise of caste-based parties in Periyar's promised casteless society. History Of Syed Caste. It is on this ground that this law is most dangerous, and it is on this ground that it must be fought. According to a report by Human Rights Watch, "Hindus (known as Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes or adivasis) continue to face discrimination, exclusion, and acts of communal violence. Even whatever EVR wanted is not happening. The data is only saved locally (on your computer) and never transferred to us. The caste system today is beyond Hinduism (Hindu society) and it exists in most religions in India. ranjith talk about hide caste in tamilnadu பீம்ஜூ - Duration: 1:56. A letter posted from Chennai to this pilgrim town on Wednesday warned of a bomb attack by the al-Qaeda on two of Kerala’s most popular temples – the Guruvayoor and Sree Padmanabha Swamy shrines, police said. In Sri Lanka, earlier it was high caste tamils exploited tamils. He is accused of a number of murders and attempts to murder, apart from extortion. Contents owned and updated by concerned Departments through Nodal Officer, Nodal Team, TNPSC, Chennai - 3, Caste wise population in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana based on several Internet Sources - Duration: Pa. The Criminal Tribes Act and its provisions used the term Tribes, which included castes within their scope. The state has 35 districts, 15 municipal corporations and 145 municipalities. This sort of fear explains the RSS insistence that evils of caste discrimination and untouchability are a Hindu problem, to be solved by reform and social uplift work by the Hindu community. 1980. Beginning in 2012, his investigation of complaints of illegal granite-mining in the Madurai area led to charges against a number of politicians and businesses, including a mining company founded by a scion of one of Madurai's most influential political families. The most gruesome of them all played Caste-related violence has occurred and occurs in India in various forms. It is our immediate objective to relentlessly expand the Brahmanism, and keep shrinking our enemies. (The father's name is suffixed for Passport and other document purposes). They are using all the means at their disposal to disrupt the secular fabric of our country. Most killings took place when the victims had an inter-caste marriage or an It may be declared as one of the most dangerous countries to visit but the fact is for a huge number of Dalits and Adivasis in this country, the society has been a nightmare. Dominant caste vice presidents took to forcing dalit women presidents into Land and sand: The most dangerous issues. Tamilnadu’s Party of Shame. The PMK will contest on seven Lok Sabha seats and will be given one Rajya Sabha seat, AIADMK chief and deputy CM O Panneerselvam announced at a press conference with PMK leadership on Tuesday. These include advanced technologies, training, power and number of allies, size of the army and budget allocated. THAT'S WHY TODAY'S FORWARD CASTE DOCTOR WITH 95% MARKS IS 100 TIMES BETTER THAN THE SC-OBC-MBC DOCTORS WITH 40 TO 70% MARKS. Caste clashes in the southern state of Tamil Nadu have predominantly involved two communities: the Thevars (a backward caste) and the Pallars (or Dalits). Most recently, he has been working with his wife Twinkle Khanna on the novel Mrs. individual caste level, Adi Dravida, Pallan and Paraiyan have more percentage of school going children than the overall state SC population. Govt To Give Rs 2. Allahabad is the most populated district in the state. By Vidya Bhushan Rawat. Caste and violence in Tamil Nadu: Honour killings haunt the state The suspected honour killing of a Dalit man near Coimbatore on Sunday may have caused a nationwide uproar, but this is only the Tamil Nadu Caste/Religion Wise population, Tamil Nadu Caste wise demographics, Demographics of TamilNadu, Tamil Nadu Religion wise population, Tamil Nadu Population, Tamil Nadu Population and Census, Religion in TamilNadu, Tamil Nadu Basic Information, vanniyar population in tamilnadu, Tamil Nadu Hindu Muslim Christian Population Percentage, tamilnadu caste list The list of most populous towns in Tamil Nadu provides the population of towns in Tamil Nadu, the 11th largest state in India. so that they can place the candidate to suit the region or constituency depends on the poplulation. So its practically difficult to know someone's caste in Tamilnadu , even if you are a curious Indian keen to know everyone's caste. This is what makes Dravidianist anti-Brahminism very dangerous. All the anti-Malayalee, anti-Telugu, anti-North Indian, anti-Hindi prejudices you see in Tamilnadu are manifestations of Dravidianist anti-Brahminism. At the individual caste level, except Adi Dravida (56. Image source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4, Image 5, Image 6, Image 7, Image 8, Image 9, Image 10 Remember that the inferior races are our deadly enemies, and the most dangerous of all is the Sudra. The caste system among Indian Christians often reflects stratification by sect, location, and the castes of their predecessors. Thirdly, the RSS alleged that Tamilnadu secularist politicians have regularly made Hindu religion and deities objects of public ridicule. To maintain its solidarity, the Tamil nation has to remove all sorts of divisions that causes dissension and discord among its members. The most common argument, however, was that Hinduism needed neither to be revised nor reinterpreted, but to be realised. Tamils were divided on the basis of four castes and on the basis of work they did. The caste Hindus who talk patriarchy find it too comfortable in shielding their casteism behind it. It is ridiculous to claim that Chera, Chozha and Pandiyans belonged to Vanniyar or Palli caste, given the fact that most Pallis traditionally live in North and Northwestern districts of Tamilnadu , like Dharmapuri, Krishnagiri, and Thirvallur, where none of the three kingdoms were headquartered or based at. The Hindu social order, particularly its main pillars, the caste system, and untouchability presents a unique case. Marital status. The guiding principle of all your actions shall be: What is best for the Brahmin caste? You shall keep your caste pure. Parayar is a caste found mostly in Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and Kerala. India needs new laws to tackle the so-called 'honour crimes' which attempt to control women's sexuality and choices. A senior police officer said more than 30 of these murders had a direct caste angle and at least 65 per cent of those killed were Tamil Nadu: Caste Realities Unlikely To Change Any Time Soon. 7 per cent), other SCs have a higher percentage of workers in the category of ‘agricultural labourers’ than recorded for SC population at the state level (58. It is an ironical and interesting situation of the Indian society in modern India. It must be noted that this view of history as the march-past of “iron laws” that run independent of humanity was part of the discourse of the Second International. Most typically, these acts are committed by men as a result of the long-standing gender inequalities present in the country. Nandini rape and murder: Complicated caste, religion politics plays out in Tamil Nadu Caste, religion and politics clash over gang rape and murder of pregnant Dalit minor by her boyfriend and his Chennai: The BJP-AIADMK combine has beaten the Congress to win the support of the Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) for an electoral alliance in Tamil Nadu. 16. C/Cmm Rsoluti No. This is a dangerous combination because Dravidian parties not just aim to keep the people away from nationalism Whether or not this law is actually used, its passage serves as a legitimation of government intervention in areas of personal faith, belief and opinion. 1148; 4th July 2014. Madurai Veeran belonged to a low caste and the lady belonged to royal family, so love between them was unaccepted by the society during that time. It has origins in ancient India, and was transformed by various ruling elites in medieval, early-modern, and modern India, especially the Mughal Empire and the British Raj. Indian castes, just like any other tribes, do not appreciate conversion to another tribe or caste, as most of them are non-proselytizing and consider their customs superior to any other customs and caste practices. 1 per cent in 2001, which is higher From the Preface. Thambidurai—may be a tad rese 15. If the girl is a caste Hindu while the boy a Dalit, the acceptance is difficult. 5 per cent). Common forms of violence against women in India include acts such as domestic abuse, sexual assault, and murder. Sheer volume of data that has to be read from the affidavits that are often poorly scanned and the lightening speed at which these reports have to be brought out makes it quite difficult to ensure accuracy of every bit of data. Having lead a sheltered childhood, when caste hit me, it hit me a little hard. Temple festivals are the most significant events in the village calendar  Apr 5, 2015 Tamil Nadu's caste fields: In 1 year, over 100 murders in two southern The accused in most cases were Thevars or those belonging to other  Oct 22, 2018 Western Tamil Nadu has witnessed the most gruesome killings of Dalit youth in recent times. Untouchability and the caste system are not part of Hindu religion but a contemporary distortion of which Hindu society should be purified. Dalits, Muslims Outnumber Lingayats and Vokkaligas in Karnataka? ‘Caste Census’ Stumps Siddaramaiah Govt Findings of the ‘caste census’, accessed by News18, show that the Scheduled Castes account for 19. 143 Maravars are the most Prominent and Most Powerfull Caste in TamilNadu. The fact that it was then canonised by Stalin and then converted to gospel truth seems to be ignored by even the most serious social scientists studying caste. These are the 10 poorest states in India where poverty is in dominance. NGOs and activists put the total number of such murders at over 100. There are some states in India which are known around the world for their high literacy rate which ideally means India does have the potential to provide literacy uniformly and this indicates that India as a whole will also someday lead the chart of literacy. In the past, inter-caste marriage had resulted in new castes, as conversion was not an option. In Andhra Pradesh, we have 109 Backward Classes/Backward Caste (BC) communities and 52% of population. The caste system in India is the paradigmatic ethnographic example of caste. they perceive prisons to be less dangerous than do male respondents. Oct 30, 2017 This was most conspicuously seen in Kodiyankulam. Economic activity Work Participation Rate (WPR) 12. 4 Policing the Most Stressful Occupation: A Study on Tamilnadu Head Constables. The work participation rate (WPR) is the percentage of workers to the total population. The newly elected AP Chief Minister has announced that five deputy Chief Ministers will be sworn in on Saturday. The WPR among SC population is 48. For instance, in 1911 the British designated the Thevars a "criminal caste", which Mines The Mukkalathor community at that time was the most populous of the backward classes in the  Caste-related violence has occurred and occurs in India in various forms. so we place this item in this blog Kindly Ignore A News has been spread throughout Tamilnadu that the Circle Secretary of Chennai has invoked the name of our Tamilnadu Circle Secretary in their meeting held on 6th July’12 questioning the placing of Com A B Bardhan’s TU Lecture Notes in TN website and abused our Circle Secretary by calling Caste aspersion as The Mukkulathor people, who are also collectively known as Thevar, are native to the central and southern districts of Tamil Nadu, India. He is famous as a sharp colorful politician but he likes to promote caste based politics due to this reason hated by the many people. I was under the foolish illusion that it was slowly disappearing from XNXX. It may be declared as one of the most dangerous countries to visit but the fact is for a huge number of Dalits and Adivasis in this country, the society has been a nightmare. 5 Lakh Incentive To Every Inter-Caste Marriage Involving A Dalit, Removes Income Cap The scheme so far had few takers so far as merely five couples were given the incentive in He is one of the most corrupt politicians among all the Indian politicians. LATER ON, when caste became SO RIGID, even NON WORTHY people of UPPER CASTE started wielding power -which resulted in failure and UGLY TURN OF CASTE MENACE. I was interested in these differences, in the way in which caste power shifts and what each  May 6, 2016 Chennai: In poll bound Tamil Nadu, caste violence is on the rise but major parties Twenty-year-old Kausalya survived a deadly and daring attack on her and her It is very painful not to have him by my side," Kausalya said. castes became, in the eyes of the colonial government, a delinquent mass, a danger to  Feb 12, 2017 Traditional bullfighting may have returned to Tamil Nadu but caste prevents some from taking part. ; Tamil Nadu produces the most films in a year, its landscape is ornamented with cinema posters, cut-outs and fan clubs, and for almost half a century the state has been ruled by politicians who made their names and secured their popularity through their association with the tinsel world (Jacob 2009). COM 'tamilnadu' Search, free sex videos. Of crorpaties in rural areas, and largest manufacturer of two-wheelers, cars, motorcycles etc. of the prominent papers of Tamilnadu for the period of between 1906 and 1933. Cinema and Liquor lobby has high jacked Dravidian movement in Tamilnadu and the poor is deprived of their basic rights. The Indian python is Caste wise population of tamilnadu with percentage, education levels, etc. Earlier, when the non-Brahmin movement came up in the Madras TamilNadu Public Service Commission, Chennai. 5% of the state’s population and the Muslims make up 16%. On the 'Most Wanted' list of the central crime branch of Chennai police, 'Kakkathoppu' Balaji was finally arrested by the anti-gangster squad in 2013 and is lodged at Chennai's Puzhal jail. Our nftetn. the rape could not have taken place Most of them accept after several years when they become ‘grand-parents’. In order to be considered violence against women, the act must be committed solely because the victim is female. It is hard to believe, that in the present scenario, India habituates some places where girls of the families are forced into prostitution, even before they reach puberty. Racism is the belief in the superiority of one race over another. Kanpur and Lucknow are the two most populated cities in Uttar Pradesh. Modern scholars state that such usage of the term Brahmin in ancient texts does not imply a caste, but simply "masters" (experts), guardian, recluse, preacher or guide of any tradition. Brahmins have no say for the past four decades. ‘ [-Orr, Leslie (2000). HERE CASTE IS NOT WINNING -SINCERITY, DEDICATION WINS. strong o pposition from his same caste. An alternate synonym for Brahmin in the Buddhist and other non-Hindu tradition is Mahano. Normally ,surname denotes the caste. most dangerous caste in tamilnadu

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