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262, 265, 267, 302, 305, 307, 327, 350, 400 c. I think free is good even if it is a smaller cam. 5 LSA OL Application Notes; Pontiac: 9777254: 269: 277 113 Ok here is a good combo for a 305 chevy build get a set of vortec heads with 1. . Any suggestions on what to do first would be very helpful. When building an engine from all new parts, remember to check your Install a Ford Motorsport E303, X303 or F303 cam, or any of the similar units from Indy, Lunati or your favorite manufacturer. 3 w/243 heads and Lunati VooDoo 60510 cam th350 with Don't judge but the truck is way faster than the near 18sec 305 that was When I was asked to write a review or guide for best camshafts for a 454 engine, I yelled with joy. 305 build up, part 3. 364(LQ4), 6. Lunati 60102 in a 305? I have plans for a future LS3 build far far off later and its more convenient for me to keep my 305. Car is an 84SS I redid the motor in colege and learned alot. what i would like to do is start a post on the 350 eng carburated not electronics. The process began with an ordinary 9. This is one of the chambers of a set of 335-cc oval-port Brodix heads reconditioned by Mark Dalquist of Throttle’s Performance. 7, 6. 400, 6. 398 104 104 1000-3500 stock 817 comment: good low end torque and mileage mc2200 hyd 2 194 204 270 278 . I just finished getting a freshened up (rings & bearings) L30 305 Vortec running in a 1999 Tahoe in place of a L31 350 with a broken crank. 350(LS1), 5. Buy Lunati 10120702K Voodoo 219/227 Hydraulic Flat Complete Cam Kit for Chevrolet Small Block: Cam & Lifter Kits - Amazon. It would be kinda funny to take this 305 and spank alot of 350's wouldn't it? You guys would be a we bit pissed. carcraft. Comp says he has to send it to them for analysis before the replace it. 0L(305CID), 2. Cams with the least duration are listed at the top of the chart and are the more mild, street cams (see note on 0. 420 104 104 1500-4000 smooth 817 c comment: good for computer controlled engines. Edelbrock Chevy 383 CID Performer/RPM Power Package - 425HP and 437 torque Chevy Mania - 383 stroker. 398 . 268 , ex. 025. These cranks require external balancing by using specific vibration dampers, flywheels or flexplates in the 400 motor. The interview is over two hours of tips on getting the most out of your engine and car. When we say street driven, we mean a real street Cmonson nailed it: Build for torque on a 4x4. 3, 6. Solid Roller cams, single plane intakes with My 79 Chevy 3/4ton with a turbo 400 and 4. Lunati's 343 hp 305 Build-up. 6 compression and 3. By 1986 gasoline was about half the cost (adjusted for inflation) of what it was earlier in the decade and GM was scrambling to put the 350 back into cars and trucks. 4, 9. I recomend a Lunati Voodoo Cam and an Action+ intake manifold. Is has 65,000 miles. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases I spoke with a guy today who closed an engine build shop a couple years ago. The 350 is a good im doing a mild build on a 305 in my s10. Lunati’s Kirk Peters explains many of his company’s cams are custom-ground to fit within the limited 305 engine rule packages. 327, 5. Many Rotating Assemblies are available to choose from. Peters also notes Lunati has a rotating assembly package perfect for the 305 engine combination. dont waste your money on making a 305 work with Vortecs. 73 standard rear axle ratio Horsepower-195@4000 RPM Torque- 295@3200 RPM TPI induction system. 396, 6. just the basic engine as the starting point and see what we as a group would build for a economic daily driver (ie gas mileage) now we dont want a dog engine but this isnt a racer either. 5:1 short-block (L69) as delivered from Chevrolet. I threw away a lot of money on my 84 monte carlo ss's 305 including 2 rebuilds, 58 cc heads, weiand 8004 intake, edelbrock 795 cfm Q-jet, mallory dis, msd 6-al, flowtech after burner LT headers, lunati cam, hardend push rods, comp roller tip 1. The crankshaft gear has three keyways for accurate setting of timing. 44 which is acceptable for aluminum heads and 91 octane. 6, 6. He's also the developer of the RaceSaver® Spec 305 Sprint Car Series - a series that tries to prevent money from buying a significant advantage. on number 5 cylinder and may be loosing that exhaust lobe. 240. The fact of the matter is that there are an infinite variety of ways to reach a predetermined level of power, be it 500, 750, or 1000 hp. Use your 5. 7, 9. Dual Pattern Hydraulic Lifter Cams; Brand Model AID AED ID050 ED050 IL1. The thing is I'm not gonna spend $2000 on an engine build before I go to school. My question is what cam would be decent enough to drive like stock with a/c yet have a range that goes high enough to allow good hp. 76". If you didn't win this week, don't worry because we will be accepting entries until June 14th at 2 PM PST. 350, 5. 16 to 1 dynamic compression ratio Best Answer: 305 is a good engine. afr 305 rec or Lunati cranks, Dart heads, around 10:1, I think they are 320CC, I forget. That Lunati cam should pep up your The title of this article may be a bit misleading. But for those who like to push it a little stronger the LT4 hot cam is a good choice for the MAF cars but I really like the competition cams especially the 8-304-8 and the 8-305-8. P. 5 Jan 2018 001 Tpi Tune Port 305 Efi Torqstorm Supercharger If you are building a simple 375-400hp street/strip small-block, the 305 can get you there  7 Jul 2004 In the real world a street car is built for either ultimate straight-line quickness, . 135. 0 to 1 pistons,airflow research 227 heads,comp cams custom grind roller,int. 5" street from a variety of grinders such as Crane, Comp Cams, Lunati and others. GSX And XR Pistons Come Standard With The Patented X Groove Which Fights The Damaging Effects Of Fuel Washdown And Wear Debris. Find Lunati Voodoo Cam and Lifter Kits and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Unless you're a witch doctor, choosing the correct camshaft can be a nightmare. Spectre 47622 air cleaner assembly $99. 000 this is a left exhaust piston Hot Rods Cam choice for this 283. Buy Lunati 10120705LK Voodoo Camshaft Lifter Kit for Small Block Chevy: Cam & Lifter Kits - Amazon. 94/1. 350 built for torque This is the specs for a Lunati cam. 416 heads from 305 sbc Camaro V8 T5 w 0. 383, 6. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases The Lunati timing set is a full roller timing set complete with a torrington bearing for the thrust surface that minimizes wear. Pretty much every 305 build I have seen was done with a carb, and had a peak hp anywhere from 325-395hp @ 5800-6400rpm. It indicates that I will be giving you the magic formula to build a 500 horsepower engine. 5:1 compression, 5. 73 with mt 33" by 21. Cam sounds really good out of my Flowmaster 40 series. 700. Find CHEVROLET 5. mc2199 hyd 1 184 194 260 270 . Only at www. this pistons is not a second or blem. com, the official website for Car Craft Magazine. 20 the cam is a lunati cam on the end it says 310. Your biggest asset will be a reliable machine shop who will helpful in finding a good engine to build and inspect it's needs. The Lunati is a ASMETRICAL design, which means it opens fast, closes slower. 305, 5. 420 104 104 1500-4000 smooth 817 b, c comment: good for computer controlled engines. 305 tbi heads/ 267 Page2 - Discuss Chevy High Performance, General Chevy Discussion, and General Discussion topics in the Chevy High Performance forums at Super Chevy Magazine. Lunati built a 350 horse 305, they did it fairly easy too. 1. Forged Pistons Are Stronger And Longer Lived Than Cast Pistons. If I wanted to drop in a 350 I would. Premium, Race-Quality Rotating Assemblies. Before and after sound clip of my Chevelle with 305 and Lunati 00016 Bracket Master 2 cam upgrade. The keyways allow for zero timing or adding or removing 4 degrees of timing. im not worried about the idle either. 040 to clean 350 . Did I mention this is my daily driver 7000 miles and I haven't wrenched on the motor yet. Seems it developed a tick. I have a 305 in my truck now. To see what is required for a stroker build, and to ensure money would not be wasted, we contacted Evan Perkins with JE Pistons, Mike McLaughlin of Lunati Power, and Tom Lieb with SCAT Crankshafts to see what parts they recommend for a street driven, 600 horsepower, gen-I-based 427ci small block. But were also trying to squeeze every last hp we can get. 3, 9. 04-28-09 07:07 PM - Post# 1687282 Ok if this has been done then just delete this post. 5 EL1. The worst piece on the whole TPI system is the cold start injector or referred to as the 9th injector. The rpm range is 1000rpm-5500rpm which is right where I like to opporate. The best way to do this with a 350, and still stay on a budget, is to build a 383 stroker. Choosing a new Camshaft for a Stock Chevy 350. At least it’ll get you by while you save up to build a 350! Another 305 Option Once we put together the 305 combo outlined in this story, we realized that many of you already have a 305 with Holley tbi, Elderbrock intake, Comp Cam. VKE CNC machines all of its own rods from 7075 T-6 billet aluminum, and uses replaceable bearing inserts in them. Hi I have had a purple shaft 557 solid and a custom comp cams solid roller in my current build, which is a 440 10. 7 rods and some $150 hypereutectic pistons and keep the compression below 9. • Builds more low end torque and throttle response. 0, 9. . The 350 is a good 04-28-09 07:07 PM - Post# 1687282 Ok if this has been done then just delete this post. Xtreme Energy Cams™ bridge the gap between Magnum street cams and race only cams. 55 gears. I have that cam in a 305 and it seems to like it in my heavy truck. Crane Cams went out of business about a month ago, comp's are ok, lunati is a pretty good one, howards are ok, elgins are a little cheaper. 630 int and exaust lift with 114 lobe separation weiand 6/71 supercharger with 8mm drive 2 holley 700 double pumper running 9% under on street 9% over on strip for a best of 9. 347 ford stroker kit components and parts, we carry every part needed to build a 347 ford stroker engine, we have technical support staff to help you build your 347 stroker and answer all of your questions along the way You can get these cams on ebay or camaroz28. 10"), but with a crank stroke of 3. Then I suddenly realized that this was a trick question since all the aftermarket 454 focused camshafts are designed to fit a large block Chevy 454 engine, and unless you buy a cheap piece of shit from some unknown source, the market is full of “the best” power performance you seek. 217 HP @ 4,200 rpm. Example Builds - 305. S. 6, 9. 01 with a lot more than i have. T76 single turbo diy kit for small block chevy sbc gm 302 305 327 t76 single turbo diy kit for small block chevy sbc gm 302 305 327 350 400. 7, 5. Also purchased under drive crank/alternator pulley setup off ebay for $72 Crankshafts, Connecting Rods and Pistons Guide for Chevy Big-Blocks- Covers how to build 396 to 572 ci Chevy Big-Block Engines Step-by-Step Fig. Still, a lot of racers seem to favor the 406 even though it’s not a great deal more expensive to build the larger versions. First I start with a new Fuel pump, STOCK 75lph TBI fuel pump will only support about 230hp before the fuel pressure drops like a rock. 10 gears needs it's 350 rebuilt. I'm on a rather tight budget, which is why I'm using either the milled 882s that were on it or the 305 tbi heads I have. I traded a portable dvd player He said it was bored . 305 build up, part 2. I have 350 that's 40 over with lunati cam and have double hump camel back heads and wanting to know estimated horsepower of this set up thanks Bob? Racing Classifieds Powered by RacingJunk Classifieds - Race cars for sale new and used Always need these. 0 DCR with iron heads. 63 OD The last 283 that I did a complete build on needed to come out . Make big inches easy with lunati's stroker kit lunati stroker kit. Today, we are officially half way through our Chevy Hardcore Lunati Great Cam Giveaway contest as we announce our first week winners. Your gonna be at roughly $2500 or so before the 305 build will be outpowered enough by the 350 to give bragging rights, buts a fender length or 2. People claim that they can build these engines for as little as 5-grand and likely they can with second-hand parts and already owning a few parts like a block and an intake and such. Because you want to stay under 8. Dont wast your time with the 305. Align honing Lunati 60102 in a 305? I have plans for a future LS3 build far far off later and its more convenient for me to keep my 305. Lunati LUN-20110710K retro roller cam setup. I got to dyno test the final 565-ci build that used these heads. Undeniably a hot rodder at heart, Zora rose among the ranks about as quickly as Chevrolet’s cars pulled away from the rest of the pack. He's going to order a lunati if the cams gone flat. any question's please email me. Replaced Edelbrock Performer EGR intake with an Edelbrock Victor Jr single plane intake manifold. Voodoo Balanced Rotating Assembly Kits are made from the strongest and most durable materials available, and yet affordable. Regardless, problematic at best. 7L/350 CHEVY SMALL BLOCK GEN I Lunati Voodoo Cam and Lifter Kits and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Unless you're a witch doctor, choosing the correct camshaft can be a nightmare. How to Build a Chevy 305 for Mileage. Brand New Lunati Bootlegger Series Retro-Fit Hydraulic Roller Camshaft for 1955-Present GM Small Block Chevrolet V8 Applications. I searched a little but did not see anything. 26 with the 557 and 12. Read on as we show you how you can build up a cheap street small-block with a budget of only $650. You WILL need a custom tune to make it run correctly though. 800. TBI mods, how to get the most power and Horse Power from your TBI engine. Dyno Graphs Xtreme Energy Camshaft™ Dyno Results. 000. While surfing through Jegs I found a Lunati Voodoo camshaft that I believe should fit my engine pretty well. Engine/Machine Shop Services. It was still slow though, and the fuel economy was terrible. Picking up a cam catalog doesn’t necessarily help because of the number of choices. 098. Lukovich SBC Short Block Kits. So 300 HP with almost no money?Let's put a mild 8. But with the 280 Magnum, the DCR was 8. He had the cam well coated with lube, added additive to the oil for break in, and pre lubed it. 6" stainless exhaust valves, I started porting them, then they got stolen. lunati 60101lk or the tamer lunati 60100lk are good choices - you would be at the top of the dynamic compression range with the 60100lk, the 60101lk would allow more bleed off creating an estimated 8. 95 with the comp roller which I believe was a cheater cam with six pack duration specs and 586 lift. 398 104 104 1000-3500 stock 817 b comment: good low end torque and pulling power. D. Every single product we sell undergoes extensive testing and analysis to ensure the end result is a superior product that can withstand demanding race conditions. but if not. 88. "Lunati's 343 hp 305 Build-up" · "150 HP for a 305 Chevy Engine  305, 5. I had put a small Lunati flat tappet cam in the 305. These work nicely in the MAF as well as the speed density systems. 30 over ,lunati crank and rods,Je,7. 350(LT5), 5. Hot Rod Magazine builds a 400hp 305 RHS builds an emissions-legal 290hp 305 325HP 305 Camaro Buildup Lunati's 343 hp 305 Build-up . Worked over vortec heads. Stock 400 cranks, balancers, and flexplates are cheap and easy to find. You don't need a forged crank or pistons. on the vin coad its the eighth diget on the vin plate if you dont have a vin if your valve covers bolt in the middle with 4 bolts it is a 305 if they bolt on the edges 4 bolts then it is a 350 vortec 350 heads on a 305. (mostly due to a lack of fuel in high rpm) For what it was, it ran great. $899. This design has long been known for its versatility and ability to withstand huge amounts of horsepower, especially when built using a high-strength aftermarket block. This is an increase of 20 HP and 24 ft/lbs over stock. A budget build of this kind is a balancing act of choosing the least expensive parts and the most durable components while keeping in mind that performance is the overall goal. Your best bet is the XE-274 or the Magnum 280 or something comparable from Crane, Crower, or Lunati. Lunati Voodoo incorporates thirty years of cam design experience with more recent developments in profiles, geometry, and tolerances to deliver the most aggressive ramp profiles ever utilized in hydraulic flat tappet cams. look for a good The following information is provided as a guide only. The cam may be coming out any ways. 2:1 360 on the dyno. 050 would idle pretty rough in a 305, but it would be fairly smooth in a 454. I'm going to put all of these on the engine but i need help with the cam. The 221-, 260-, and 289-ci engines all used the same cast-iron crankshaft, making this crank widely available for three different displacements. cubic inches is 434 bore is 4. 030, Lunati bracket master 2 cam . 565. 50 valves a edelbrock performer RPM intake manifold a lunati cam & lifters P#07101LK or a comp cams P#CL12-242-2 cam & lifters a set of headers a good HEI distributor like pertronix, msd or mallory and a holley 600-650 CFM carburetor and get a good rebuild kit with flat top pistons and have the necessary My 85 Chevy C10 Build 2004 5. com for $50 shipped. 4. 050-timing, below). You could have him build the short block and then add the heads,etc yourself. I recommend upgrading to the 1996 Vortec 155lph fuel pump which can support up to 450hp and plugs right into a factory TBI sending unit. Using traditional hop-up techniques, Lunati's goal was to achieve maximum performance at an affordable price from the 305 small-block in a non-emission-controlled environment. Where this becomes an issue, the TBI was originally designed and sized to feed a 305, providing good power and fuel economy in that engine. i. I feel safe in saying that we have universally achieved these goals, and have provided a blueprint for a “true economic” budget stroker build. French Grimes is one of the top engine tuners in the country. 3 Jul 2016 10 Block preparation; 11 Pistons; 12 Intakes; 13 Car Craft 305 build-up The Chevy 305 small block has got to be the Rodney Dangerfield of SBC engines. 99 this price has sure gone up in the last year but best unit I have tested to date. DSS Racing Produces Forged Pistons and Stroker Kits For Racing Engines. i will later put a 350 in there and hopefully change everything over when i do. 5, 6. 6, 5. Since the 1960s, Lunati has manufactured engine components of the highest quality using cutting-edge technology. Lunati cam. I want something that will give me a new small block chevy lunati pistons with the wrist pin ( wrapped ) and all the spirolox needed. I had a peripheral hand in helping out with this high-effort street engine build. I think we might do some trading and I will get them almost free. I decided to go wih a 383 build to At this point of spending your better off with a 290 H. 5, 9. 155 stroke is 4. I had built it to put into an Astro van but never finished that project. I recommend you get a block off kit off ebay and remove the thing and tell me when you order a chip so that I can program the chip to run with the Adjusting lash. I have a 305 HO from an 83 Firebird all stock except for a Pertronix Flame Thrower distributor, Weiand Action+ intake, 2" carb spacer, and a Holley 4160 carb. Its still the 305 bored . Objective. I like Isky the best, made best power for the engines we build with the rules were limited to. The mechanical fuel injection 305's were even higher with a 6500-7000rpm peak and made 435-460hp. Because you have a 4-speed, you can go bigger on the cam and still have decent street manners. Lukovich 383 / 468 ci Small Block Chevy Short Block Kits use name brand, quality components and include internal/external balancing with pin fitted rods and pistons. “Getting a cam that matches the needs of the racer is easy as pie,” Peters says. 274 with a . 65") and the same rod journal size as medium journal cranks (2. The engine should be capable of running on the street, with decent idle characteristics and low-end torque. 285 ft/lb torque @ 3,300 rpm. As you move down the chart, the intake duration increases, an indicator of more high-performance profiles. I also have a pair of camel back heads and headers. Your original 1986-1992 Chevrolet TPI engine should has the following characteristics: Automatic transmission. Added an Edelbrock Performer EGR intake manifold, but with the EGR blocked off. Pit Stop USA has everything you need to build a winning race car or street machine and get you to the finish line first. Scat pro series 305 rotating assembly kit 3480 engine stroke ibeam connecting rod type 5700 connecting rod length. The block is machined, honed, race prepped, washed & lubricated, then sealed in a plastic bag ready for assembly. 52 rocker arms, 3k stall, and for all the shit i had done to it didnt' run much better than stock, the displacement is Introduced in 1955, Chevrolet's seminal small-block engine has powered everything from street cruisers to land speed bruisers. The Coronet has run a best time of 12. LUNATI BOOTLEGGER SBC Chevy Retro-Fit Hyd Roller Cam 2800-6000 RPM #XXX12232HR - $299. 5 or so. Deadly Lessons Hot Rod Magazine builds a 400hp 305. As a spare engine, the extra time will help you in your decisions and financially. but what is the largest aftermarket cam as far as lift and duration and intake and exhaust i can put in the motor before having to worring aboutvalve clearance and having to put better valve springs in. It took more than a dozen tuning sessions before mine was ever really right. World’s top manufacturer of performance camshafts, lifters, valve springs, rocker arms and related valve train parts for all race and street performance engines Chevy 305 327 350 400 Ultimate Cam Kit - 254/264 Duration- High Torque+ Hardened Push rods (420"/443" Lift Cam) Lunati 40008VRK01 Voodoo Forged GM LS1, LS2 and The cam files listed below are ranked in the order of increasing Intake Duration. 4, 5. Lifters: COMP85016: Comp Cams OE style hydraulic lifters (Set) Use in blocks originally equipped w/ roller cam; ('87-Present Including Gen II LT1 & LS Series) A Lunati 60101 cam is a very good choice. Going to be running a How to Choose Crankshafts for Your Small-Block Ford Rebuild Ford utilized surprisingly few crankshaft types in its small-block engines. 1986 LB9 V8 9. Shop today! How to Build a 400 Horse Chevy Small Block 350 by Moss Strohem The 350-cubic inch Chevrolet engine is one of the most popular and numerous engines ever produced. He has some lunati voodoo 60101 cams which is the step below what I want and be has some Holley street dominator dual plane intakes. Blackwidows 350 sbc street truck build. Locate the Rotating Assembly you've been searching for from RacingJunk Classifieds. Shop with confidence. Crate versus el cheapo gen 1 350 for the same buck as the 305 complete build, but the 305 has the edge in power. Its my DD in the summer but i planning a PT style build. Comp Cam k08-432-8 SBC Small Block Chevy 87-98 305-350 282 Xtreme Lunati SBC Chevy LT1 I need help picking a cam for my 87 350 engine. 305 HP on page 2 of this thread. Zora was soon promoted to Chevrolet’s Director of High Performance in 1957, and was given Corvette’s official Chief Engineer title ten years later. To this package they added a hydraulic camshaft from Competition Cams' High Energy Magnum series and the attending valve springs and retainers. I had some 062 Vortec 350 heads, I had them cut for 1. i want the motor to talk to me. Chevy Small Block Engine Guide: Cams and Valvetrains A problem confronting many engine builders is making the best choice of cam and valvetrain components. This is a 305 out of a 92 Camaro. 0, 5. only a chevy could do so. Lunati's cam has 22 degrees more advertised duration but only 6 at . 95 That one hurts but you get a lot of stuff like the pushrods and valve springs and such. Find great deals on eBay for sbc roller cam kit. 368 . I ran it with no complaints. The Racer's Company. This resolves some of the problems that have been prevalent with the stock rod that runs directly on the crank and reduces the cost of rebuilding the engine. Every attempt has been made to accurately represent the manufacturer's specifications. 388 . mc2200 hyd 2 194 204 270 278 . Once this is done, you won't need to adjust the lash very often, although you still need to occasionally check it. Using traditional hop-up techniques, Lunati's goal was to achieve maximum performance at an affordable price from the  RHS builds an emissions-legal 290hp 305 · 325HP 305 Camaro Buildup · Lunati's 343 hp 305 Build-up. Note: Expect the lash to change on a new cam and lifters (not a lot, but noticeable) until the valve train is bedded in together. Lunati's 343 hp 305 Build-up. At Lunati, we understand that as a racer or engine builder, you need valvetrain and intake valve sooner. 402, 6. I got a turbo off of a supra its a rebuild ct-26. The heads were rebuilt and off of a high output 305 I have a eledbrock proformer intake and a 650cfm carb. Small Block Chevy Crankshafts: The 400 engines that were made from 1970 to ’80 used larger diameter crank main journals (2. build the Camshaft Dyno Results. My 305 is an '86, I've confirmed it has flat-top pistons under virgin 416 heads, but sadly no provisions for roller lifters. How does this really mild 305 build sound? they flow better than any other 305 head and then a mild cam maybe the smallest Lunati Voodoo cam or. Tech Tips 305 CID TPI Engine & Camshaft Courtesy of 3rd Gen Member ~ Vader. Our custom Lunati cam followed Lunati cam grind TF71/TF74 S107. Example Builds - 383. PitStopUSA. 480 lift, Edelbrock performer intake, Holley Street Avenger 570 carb, Edelbrock TES headers, and hooker exhaust. It is a tbi engine but i have a team g 7531 intake and a 750 holley double pump carb. com offers a huge selection of circle track parts, drag racing parts and accessories from the biggest brands in drag racing including Comp Cams Big Block Chevrolet Hydraulic Roller Cams, Edelbrock Big Block Chevrolet Hydraulic Roller Cams, Howards Cams Big Block chevrolet small block v8 1955-95 - flat tappet cam / 262, 265, 267, 302, 305, 307, 327, 350, 400 c. I built this to super chevy mighty mouse build up that could only muster a 13. 540 bbc build advice. 21. lunati 305 build

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