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However underclocking wud give u lesser temps. - Duration: 4:00. . If you graphics card GPU gpu-temp. i really don't get it, i'm in love with my 8800gts because of the lower temp and high performance, but it seem i have hit a wall on Most CPUs will begin to throttle (lower its clock speed to cut down heat) once they hit 95 to 105°C. Hi Experts, I would like to ask your advice for this. An example would be if I was playing Company of Hero's 2: No Cap: FPS 140, temp 92c with Cap: FPS 60, temp 75c It looks good on RTS games but how about in FPS? I tried playing BF4 and COD Ghosts and didn't notice any difference? What say you? 9. What makes Core Temp unique is the way it works. VerySlowPC. Underclocking, also known as downclocking, is modifying a computer or electronic circuit's timing settings to run at a lower clock rate than is specified. Download and install HWMonitor. Raspberry Pi get temperature – Putting it all together. I don't have your hardware, but I have a laptop with an Intel and a nVidia gpu, and I was able to turn mine off, and there's a setting for telling the fan how to behave. If you really do want to lower the temperature more upgrade w. Each CPU and GPU is manufactured and designed to run within a specific temperature range. engine/clutch Is it correct in thinking that if I run my GTX 260 fan speed at 100% therefore keeping the GPU temp down I may be prolonging GPU life while I can EASILY replace the fan and would otherwise have to replace the card when it comes to GPU failure due to prolonged excess heat? my gpu runs at 80c when playing overwatch and the load flautuates from 80-97 gtx 1080 sc didnt tweak any settings. 8125v. Radeon™ WattMan allows customization of seven GPU performance clock states, which are defined by clock speeds and voltages. Here are several ways to keep your computer cool. In addition, you can choose the color for temperature display, also supports start with the Windows system. So how can system temp be that high? Performance & Maintenance: bios temp / real temp hello can someone please tell me why my bios temp is 31C. The core (the temperature of the air enclose in the casing of your CPU is also monitored and it is essential that it should not go beyond 32 O C otherwise if will hinder cooling of other parts. Using GPU Frequency option, you can configure each of these seven States to your own personal preference. I equate this question to that of cars how it is for downhill descents/speed descents: brakes vs. Is is bet to cap FPS to lower GPU temps? I have an MSI r9 290 and a 60hz monitor. Maybe i Is there anyway to lower GPU temp? I have a Vaio Z series with a 9300m GS GPU and it idles at 69 C and goes up to 85 C at full load. Would it? I've been wanting to do water cooling for a while and eventually I will, however I wouldn't mind getting started with my gpu for now if the temps go down reasonably. When running 3DMark and playing Crysis 3 at max settings 1080, I'm consistently seeing temps over 80c, often 85c, and I am concerned this is too high. You can easily lower cpu usage with simple steps. Lower GPU clock of ODROID-XU4 for headless servers to save energy Per default the Mali-T628 GPU inside the ODROID-XU4 will run at maximum speed (600MHz) the whole time. Shouldn't the video cards be able to work even at more than 80 degree C? GeForce RTX 2060 Max Temp. 1. coinguides January 30, 2018. Temperature is obviously a very important thing, as more headroom= more OC-ing, potentially a more quiet system and in theory, longer longevity! This program is aimed at the power user. If you are now asking “how to lower CPU temp?” or “how to lower GPU temp?”. (Room temp is 21c) The case is well cabled and has plenty of room. What else can i do too fix this ? because that hasnt helped. I'd say thats one significant temp drop. Hope this helps even years later. Core Temp is a compact, no fuss, small footprint, yet powerful program to monitor processor temperature and other vital information. Is there an inexpensive way to lower GPU temp. Just dont let it get to mid 90's under load. 2. I'd assume with a lower temp on the blower card I could drop noise. Do you think heatsink could be failing? It is necessary to ensure that even after a long period of gaming, the GPU Temperature stays at least 5-10°C lower than the maximum temperature specified by the OEM. I've read that generally blower style cards are louder than open air, however I believe my gpu is feeding itself hot air in the ncase as I can lower my temps by 3c just by taking off the side panel. Keeping the temp down is important. For this purpose, you can use overclocking utilities such as MSI Afterburner, ASUS GPU Tweak, or any other similar software. There are also times that it shoots up to 90+C when playing a different game. 2 5,081 . However, it is still possible for a tablet to overheat in certain conditions. No matter the case, anything over 80°C is a clear indication that something has to be done to bring it back to around 70°C or lower. ? i'm using a E8400 chip and asus motherboard (p5q pro turbo) . S. 95-100c for 1060 GPU maximum temperature befor throttling. It’s also possible you’ve found it to be very frustrating to do. Hello, i have an hp dv2500 laptop that splits screen into 6 after it continuously heats . Alternatively you can swap your case fans if noise isn't an issue and you want to keep it chilly. My GPU temperature is 60C during idle and it shoots up to 80+C when playing games. MUCH BETTER! Last night, I saw the temp go over 103c and at that point I exited the program to avoid damaging the GPU. So, if your graphics card is getting too hot, it’s likely that you’ll have to replace some parts. My question is, I realize the plate on my classified is HOT as heck and I'm wondering if water cooling the card would lower the temps considerably. Sample outputs: Fig. Identifying The Cause Of GPU Overages To begin, take a look at your GPU report. If I don't set the power limit lower, once I change the GPU clocks down the voltage will shoot up. It is capable of displaying a temperature of each individual core of every processor in your system! Im using a cooling pad and a vaccum cooler on GPU side. (You could, just as a first quick cheap experiment, try this with cardboard, duct tape and GPU Temp is a free GPU temperature monitor that can display GPU core temperature and load, the temperature data will display in the system tray, and will be real-time updated. Please lower your TDP and get it to mid 70s atleast. These graphics card monitoring  When GPU temperature is well above the one can be very beneficial in reducing the max GPU temp. Overclocking a mining GPU is a staple of mining cryptocurrency. My questions about this are, if i set the temp lower (I guess to 69c, it seems to start getting crazy loud over 70c) What will happen? Does that prevent the card from getting hot as it seems it would? Under full load, the CPU should really be in the 60 to 75C range, and the GPU should again be very similar, if not lower. How To Check GPU Temp? Those above software can also monitor your computer’s GPU. I've known of no real problem caused by SpeedFan, but may be it's due to the fact that once it made the PC explode and the user disappeared in the blast, thus being unable to report :-) Anyway: SpeedFan can be extremely useful, but you should first watch its behavior before setting and forgetting it. If your worried about temps, just set your temp boundary lower. Some other interesting settings too that you might find useful are in Intel i7 7700K temps lower by 26 degrees after TIM replacement Special thanks to Warchild for bringing this news to our attention on the OC3D Forums. The lights that illuminate the screen generate heat and can increase the temperature of the CPU. For CPU I am using onboard thermal zone1 (CPU-therm), and for GPU am using onboard thermal zone2 (GPU-therm). If it doesn't help, try to lower gpu and vram clock temporarily by mentioned software, or permanently by VGA BIOS modding by NiBiTor (not recommended if your graphics card is still under warranty or if you have limited experience). Fear not, we got you covered. At those who know what they're doing. If temperatures rise further, the CPU will shut itself down to avoid permanent damage. While high CPU temperatures can be caused by software, high GPU temperatures are almost always hardware-driven. I read in your post "After one hour or so playing" Does this mean that the card starts at a lower temperature and then gradually raises? There are programs able to control fan speed, MSI Afterburner for example. Real Temp: Real Temp is designed specifically to monitor temperature for all Intel single, dual, and quad-core processors. And stop using 3D interface or something like aero , can reduce the load a little Download & Know More About>> GPU Temp. Most tablets use low-power CPUs that do not require fans. My GPU temp always creeps up to 85 or even 88, which is way too high and since I can't lower the voltage of the card (I googled and tried the solutions given) there seems to be nothing more to do. Take for example a GTX 1050 - it has a safe gaming temp reading between Clock Apr 23, 2019 Read how to lower gpu temps in 10 different ways here. From the Nitrosense utility I logged a fan speed of 3200 rpm and a temp of ~55C. Oct 15, 2018 Hi everyone, so, the game basically runs fine, I get about 90/100 FPS in Multiplayer with nearly maxed Settings BUT my GPU is about to go full. In this case its not needed. For example: My GPU "Max Q" undervolt profile (1060) sets the GPU clock speed at 1721mhz while utilizing 800mV. Some can reach 945mV undervolt, but for me, I can't go any lower than 982mV. By doing this, you will reduce your graphics card power consumption, lower the GPU temp, but also help the card longevity. Side fans I personally prefer to be Intake as that way it blows fresh cold air onto all of my components then my rear fan will extract all the hot air that rises as it's top based. As with most articles, it is very hard to find a definite, “safe temp” for a GPU. maybe about 8°C clock (600 - 850) Is there anything I can do to lower gpu temps? Hello, welcome to ASUS Republic of Gamers Official Forum. If you graphics card GPU temperature reaches above 80°C then you must take proper steps to decrease it to safe level. Needless to say, I pulled the TV card and installed a "slot" fan in its place. Note: Diode 2 can give a false reading so don’t worry at it. Although this activity isn’t that common, underclocking GPU clock speed can be very advantageous. Whether it should kick up the fan when the GPU is demanded, or whether it should just slow the GPU down. And the temp hit 128°c Try download some software to limit CPU and GPU usage that will help to reduce the heat produce from the hardware though your performance will be reduce at least it last a little longer. Please note you may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. how do i check on that? Intel Core i9-9900X Max Temp. and after booting to windows 7 real temp says 42c. That 3C BTW translated into a 3C increase of various motherboard components and no increase in CPU I'm looking to purchase a new GPU later today, but one thing that I have always wondered. Computer cooling is an essential part for your processor and GPU speed. For example I'm looking at a 7870 and its 1000Mhz and a 7950 which is 800 mhz, what makes the 7950 better Apr 23, 2019 Read how to lower gpu temps in 10 different ways here. 0 SLI will cause the PC to crash when the GPU tempreture reaches around 75 degree Celsius. AMD sucks making drivers for their newest cards. it's not using the CPU package temp like it should all my MSI boards used that and that gave me nice accurate fan curves. 0, we already saw how the two GP104 cards are more temperature sensitive than GM204, backing off on clockspeed and voltage by a few With a few adjustments you can increase your hashrate, lower your card temperatures, lower your electrical usage, and increase profitability! This keeps the card at about a 1:1 ratios of GPU Well we see a pretty good reduction in GPU temp overall, plus we see much lower noise levels. Create a simple bash script called my-pi-temp. If you lower graphics settings will the gpu run a little cooler? Or will it render more frames and thus produce the same amount of work/heat? And is there a way to say "hard cap" frame rate? The GPU driver will throttle down performance to attempt to bring temperature back underneath the maximum specification or shutdown the system to prevent damage to the graphics card. Cut a couple of holes in that and glue short lengths of acrylic tubing so that the tube directly connects room air to the input side of each fan. With two calibration points (Tjunction Max and Tjunction Idle), it is the most accurate CPU temp software for measuring core temps. Install any of those software to get your real temperature. If your PC gets too hot, it can stop working and cause damage. You may be able to take the fan out and spray it with compressed air to remove any dust. R9 390 strix will run at 1500 mhz memory clock all the time and temp 60 degrees when the refresh rate is over 120 hz. Use one of these utilities to watch the GPU temperature. If the temperature of your graphics card GPU goes above 80°C then you should take appropriate measures to bring it down preferably in the 70°C – 75°C range or lower. How to Lower GPU Temperatures. Top Measures to Lower Down Graphics Card GPU Temperature. We recommend that you measure the temperatures for your own CPU and compare them with the values below - Click here to learn how to check CPU temps. My GPU's are ready to be Get a sheet of acrylic to replace the side of your case. Also you need to worry if the temp goes  Apr 25, 2017 GPU Temp, Speedfan and Open Hardware Monitor are three common programs. One could consider it much like tuning a car. Idle temp doesn't matter. max J-Temp 90. I've done the following to reduce GPU temp, but still no change at all. I use 3 140mm industrial noctua fans, 3000rpm and have a manual curve set from my uefi to bump up around 35c on my cpu since it hovers around 38 to 40 What’s The Safe/ Ideal GPU Temp Range While Gaming and Mining? Explaining the Best GPU temperature Range of Nvidia and AMD graphics cards. To keep your laptop’s temperature low always try to keep the side of the fans open, never put your laptop directly over a surface which absorbs heat like pillows, quilt etc. Such small effort to keeping your GPU at lower temperatures can actually go a long way in keeping a healthy graphics card. For the most part, most manufactures use fail safe measures to keep the equipment from being damaged. THE BEST WAY: How Cool Down your overheating laptop notebook computer without spending a dime. Why does some lower gpus have higher MHZ speed than higher end gpus? But the higher end runs better. Refer to your GPU manufacturer if you are unsure of your card’s safe gaming temps. P. That being said, I would highly recommend using Afterburner to undervolt your GPU and seeing what sort of results you get from that before you open up the case and try a more skilled procedure like a re-paste. As it reaches your temp or voltage target it will drop down. Today’s acceptable CPU and GPU temperature thresholds are significantly lower than they were in the past. The highest performance GPU clock state is State 7, whereas State 0 is the lowest power state and cannot be modified. What is good? it's idle temp is btw 32-35 C, on load i gues it is rising to 45 C. Ya amd cool n quite, Intel speed step etc reduces power consumption (basically reducing the clocks by dropping multiplier, reducing volts to the cpu core, when the cpu power isnt needed. Here I give you tips to reduce CPU usage. This has lowered the idle temp to around 45-48c, and the highest temp I've recorded since removing the TV card has been 92c. Keeping your GPU temperatures low at all times is the key to keeping your GPU longer. Most likely either the fans are clogged like badboy2k suggests, or the heatsink compound/grease is not working effectively. The GPU was at a similar speed but only ~70C 100% utilization. How to lower my CPU temperature? Its really high as you can see below my CPU is 65C at IDLE temperature ! I have replaced the stock heatsink and fan and all the other fans in my pc with new expensive ones. You’ll mostly hear it from components that use big amounts of wattage – in our case, mostly the GPU and the PSU. but if possible downgrading is valid option as it would lower system resource consumption on idle, which in turn means less temp on idle which would mean less possibilities in overheating. if you update the gpu driver you have to redo the process i described, as well as if you have a system crash etc, you must go into the global WattMan and set the temp. How to Check CPU Temperature in Windows. For playing your games in good performance, you need to cool your GPU. but even if i drop everything to min it doesnt lower the temp very much. com 399,458 views Reporting: What I should do to reduce GPU temperature? This post has been flagged and will be reviewed by our staff. While the safe operating temperatures for GPUs vary, the safe range is usually If this isn't enough to reduce the heat quickly enough, the laptop itself will shut and Temperature Extremes · HP: Unacceptable Temp Range for CPU/GPU  Try to lower your GPU temp, you don't need to worry at temp but lowering the temperature will be good. Benchmarker, RichUK, has shown a new Intel Kaby Lake i7 7700K running at 5. u are okay with these temps. -Get the Arctic Accelero Xtreme 3. For older Graphics Cards, you can look for it on Nvidia’s official website. Thank you for helping us maintain CNET's great community. I´ll be talking about consumer/ gaming GPUs made by NVIDIA and AMD. Please try again later. Back in our look at GPU Boost 3. 0GHz before and after he replaced Intel's stock TIM, with thermals lowering by a maximum of 30 degrees. [CPU + GPU Temperatures + Benchmarks] - XPS 15 [9560] Kaby Lake but my goal is to get the GPU temps in the lower 70C's and gosh even upper 60C's would be stellar Any suggestions to lower temp on a stock vega 56? They are really only good for people that want to save a bit on the GPU so that they can slap a waterblock on it When you run HWMonitor, it will show you the CPU Voltages, Diode 1 & 2 Temperatures, Fan Speeds, ACPI Temp, the CPU temps, the GPU (Video Card) Temps, the Hard Drive temps and more, depending on your computer. im new to this projekt and i got my GPU running now. When doing the FurMark test, I do see that the temp is reaching nearly 100 'C on my GT 630 card. If I set the power limit to -41%, and then change the GPU core clocks down from 1222 to lower, the voltage will go down to 0. Aug 6, 2010 NVIDIA GPUs are designed to operate reliably up to their maximum via an added system fan in the PC can help to reduce temperatures. The new heatsink i got is the ASUS silent Knight II. sh to see both ARM CPU and GPU temperature of Raspberry Pi. you will Notice it fluctuate. I ran the Heaven benchmark for about 15 min and my temps stabilized and was wondering if this is an okay temp for a laptop. I am using CPU and GPU stressing software which has all cores running at 100%. Finally, if all else fails and your CPU isn’t faulty, maybe you are just trying to run in it too hot of an environment? The hotter it is in the location where your computer is being used, the higher the temperatures your CPU will reach. Take for example a GTX 1050 - it has a safe gaming temp reading between  Jul 8, 2019 Want to get lower GPU temperatures? Here's the simplest and best guide on how to lower the temperature of your graphics card easily! Jun 6, 2019 Anecdotally, I've had a few graphics cards that allowed the GPU to hit but if you' re trying to reduce noise and temperatures, undervolting is  Apr 20, 2019 Top Measures to Lower Down Graphics Card GPU Temperature. Dont warry. GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit and PSU stands for Power Supply Unit. Please help me. Lower the graphical quality of your games; Underclock your GPU . Even when idle, the fan is noticeably loud. In other words, cooling is a bigger priority than it used to be. BRRRRR its cold ! xD With the stock TFIII hsf, the differences would be much greater. It depends on tendencies rather than the value itself. Well we see a pretty good reduction in GPU temp overall, plus we see much lower noise levels. It is because of coolers which cool down them, it is easy to change CPU fans but if there is an issue with GPU fan, take to the professional. Secondary issue is that the silicon seems to be seeing a 10°C temp drop across it, I would be expected these numbers to be similar temperatures. So follow simple steps to reduce cpu usage 100. what should the tjmax in real temp be set to i have it at 95 now . I have an Intel 4 2. 82/83 GPU temp is normal for these cramped little metal boxes when they're cranking out games. At the end to maintain the temperature in CPU, add the case fans and are affordable and helpful in lower down the temperature. to keep your temps 10-15 degrees lower under temperature is reached the CPU or GPU will underclock itself to reduce it's core Everytime I try to play games under DSR 4K, my GTX980 SC ACX 2. Safe GPU temp – Optimal GPU mining temperatures for GPU longevity. While gaming this increased to ~5800 rpm and ~95C 50% utilization. 66 Ghz, Asus P4PE-X Mobo, and a Arctic Cooling Super Silent 4ProL cpu fan. His problem has to do with (overclocked)144hz monitor. 80c for reference videocard - good temp in full load. by default, it is set at 84c. Here's simple chart for GPU mining temperatures. Otherwise I'm GPU mining only. If your GPU gets too hot in the summer or the fans make too much noise By reducing the target temp instead, the card will throttle only when  CoreTemp; Open Hardware Monitor; Speccy; MSI Afterburner; NZXT CAM Here's How to Fix It; How to Lower GPU Temperatures. This also keeps you from having to replace them sooner. This is usually stated at 83 degrees. I have aircon in my room and isnt it odd that my CPU temp is so low around 55-60c but my gpu reaches 93c on sports mode? Other laptop has almost the same temp of their gpu and cpu but mine is kinda odd. CPU MAX - 50 Celsius CPU IDLE - 28 Celsius GPU MAX- 84 Celsius GPU IDLE - 50 Celsius The temps dropped dramatically doing this work to the laptop but was wanting to see if its safe now! This article discusses the process of identifying the cause of GPU overages, as well as reducing GPU usage. The lowest idle temp that it'll work is too low for a person to be alive in the same room. Power, Temperature, & Noise. What is Coil Whine? Coil whine is an annoying high pitched noise. my vrm are great here, but core temp is bad, maybe I should re apply thermal paste? it's xfx dd r9 290 . For more information, see Understanding the GPU Tool Specifically, you want to first see if your GPU usage has NVIDIA® System Monitor is a new 3D application for seamless monitoring of PC component characteristics. Well thats true, and I was never for the option that op should upgrade memory, that is not a solution to op's problem. Now the question is here, how much lower does this thermal paste reduce in temperature on your guys systems compared to using stock heatsink/fans. Instead of saying hey 95c is normal "no worries" they should have offered this "hey, here is a way you can lower that top end temp". In addition to showing the temperature and load of the processor, it also shows the CPU's safe maximum operating temperature and how far from this maximum temp yours is running at. Easiest way to see this in action is monitor your GPU clock. Today was the first time I wanted to try CPU mining which I will now avoid given your info. The GPU undervolt/overclocks are the results of months of testing to find the highest stable clock speeds at much lower voltages which in turn allows the GPU to reach its highest clock speeds and maintain them without fluctuations. I couldn't find any data discussing this. Although temperatures in the 70's for a GPU are indeed normal, to know if the card is working good you require do to more research. Explained how to monitor CPU temperature on Windows 10/8/7 also learn how to lower CPU temp with best temp monitors. to keep your temps 10-15 degrees lower under temperature is reached the CPU or GPU will underclock itself to reduce it's core With the memory at 750mhz, the load gpu and vrm temps are down at least 7-8C. Please help in this! Thanks! :) NOTE: Crash wiki's solution was not working and i am not even getting 85Celsisu in games like Watch_Dogs or Battlefield 4 The CPU can still run fairly okay in excesses of 40 O C but basically, the lower the temperature, the better the performance of your CPU and GPU. There is only 1 exhaust fan, but comparatively the CPU stays silky cool under the same loads right around 45c. Ambiant temp is about 30 C. I figured out how to use the registry modded power states and make changes in Wattman to get my voltage down. High GPU temp can also drastically reduce your device's lifespan. CPU is the main part of the computer which processes the whole things done on the PC. ?:Hello My PC do froze occasionally. e fans you have for faster ones with more blades = More airflow in and out. i manage to sort that out but the system AND gpu temp are too May 29, 2017 I've recently installed GPU Tweak 2 on my ASUS ROG 750JS and am I want to lower the temp to 70°C or 60°C but before doing that I want to  May 23, 2019 After all, GPU overheating is the leading cause of modern hardware failure. 80c for non-reference videocard - pretty high temperature. Cleansed the GPU fan and heatsink. That 3C BTW translated into a 3C increase of various motherboard components and no increase in CPU Hi, Im getting lower performance after adding another gpu, I have gtx 1070 was getting 440-445sols after adding another gpu(gtx 1060) And performance of gtx 1070 fell down to 410-415 sols please help me, if theres any intensity to apply Exactly the same issue here. MB temp at idle: 31c 87f MB temp at peak: 34c 93f CPU idle GPU: Gtx 580 SLI 900/1800/4200. It is almost a guarantee that if you are mining any type of coin overclocked GPUs are in play. Set your monitor to 120 hz (and lower) will turn down the memory clock to 300 mhz when idle and temp 37 degrees. How does GPU Tweak 2 manage to lower the temp on the GPU ? By default is about to 90°C and I can choose to lower to what I want (like 80°C). If you're intending to overclock your CPU past the maximum safe temperature recommended by Intel or AMD, then we suggest Real Temp instead. this one is using some other CPU temp reading on the board and I now have to factor in a 8-10 C offset on my fan curve if it's a bug it's one that goes back to the F6 BIOS hopefully this can be One thing I have noticed is an EXTREMELY loud fan. Hi ! I've recently installed GPU Tweak 2 on my ASUS ROG 750JS and am wondering about something. The closest answer I have ever received was that the GPU will down-clock to lower temps once it reaches the upper end. This feature is not available right now. There is almost as much art that goes into it as there is science. Also learn how to check GPU temp with best free GPU temperature monitoring software along with tips to lower GPU temp. After 10 mins my gpu temp is going ower 90 Celsius(!!!!!) Is there anyway to lower it. Here is the Maximum GPU Temperature for Nvidia GeForce 10, 900, 700, and 600 Series. Great question. Lower the Temperature in the Location Your PC is Operating. Covers how to monitor laptop temperature. It is def A LOT lower then before. Undervolting is a must with Vega gpus. GPU Temperature. Ahh not quite hot there. So my questions are, I notice in the AWCC that one of the options of the gpu, is that you can set the temp lower. You can lock FPS by RTSS/MSI Afterburner, etc. And decrease GPU Load. In the worst case throttling just set lower clocks/voltage. Avoid using your tablet for extended periods in direct sunlight and lower the screen's brightness. This doesn’t consume that much energy if there is no load on the GPU. Underclocking is used to reduce a computer's power consumption, increase battery life, reduce heat emission, and it may also increase the system's stability and compatibility. Its unique and intuitive architecture is the ultimate foundation for delivering optimized system, thermal, and acoustic performance of your NVIDIA nForce® based PC and ESA certified components. If you are unsure how to check your GPU temperatures, then 3rd party software should help you with that. 02: Check on the ARM CPU temperature of Raspberry Pi. For Nvidia GPU. Either mount a case fan below it if possible, or set a lower temp threshold for your gpu fan. GPU-Z is a lightweight system utility designed to provide vital information about your video card and graphics processor. how to lower gpu temp

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