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When you find the one that fits the nut on the backside of the fan, place Just refilled my ac with a kit from Autozone. Popular now: Up to 30% Off Autozone Deals Of the week. It is very clean and only has 100k on it. Any ideas? The AC clutch is on the front of the compressor where the belt rides. AC clutch shim procedure for S60 [wp_ad_camp_2] i am going to be changing my ac clutch on my 1999 buick park avenue and wanted to see if someone can tell me the exact tools from autozone that I am going to need to Take your compressor with you and ask whoever you buy the clutch from the change it for you. To pull the clutch, I had to go buy 3 M5x40 0. This shim is actually just a thin, tapered metal piece, but it is highly useful in filling the gaps between the clutch’s inner and outer part. Removing the ac clutch fuse did not disengage it. Parts are just part of what we do. Find our best fitting a/c compressor clutch connectors for your vehicle and enjoy free next day delivery or   Equip cars, trucks & SUVs with A/C Clutch Coil Connector from AutoZone. Perfect for your vehicle and lifestyle, it is Air Conditioning Clutch Tool Kit SKU 948077 10000 27150 • For Removal and Installation of AC Compressor Clutches for Ford, GM and Chrysler A/C Clutch Pulley Puller SKU 472357 4500 27001 STORE STOCK • Makes AC Compressor Pulley Removal Jobs Fast and Easy Air Conditioning Tools Flush Gun Kit SKU 2173564399 CPSTLFG • Add Solvent and Use Shop Save on AC Compressors with great deals at Advance Auto Parts. I couldn't get the holder from autozone to really hold the clutch plate. Believe it or not, there's a specific and logical diagnostic strategy to diagnose a BAD fan clutch (that's causing your vehicle to overheat). . Turns out it was the AC relay. Noise could indicate that there is a problem with your compressor and that it needs repair or  Results 1 - 17 of 17 Order A/C Compressor Control Valve for your vehicle and pick it up in store— make your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. The clutch wont engage and its HOT OUTSIDE!! I do have the GM service manual for my car and it has a troubleshooting flow chart. If the flywheel is not within specification, then it should be machined to ensure the surfaces are compatible with the new clutch kit. Once you take off the AC clutch, theres a snap ring that holds the AC clutch pulley. This A/C Block Kit, Srg100009 is used to block off the rear A/C on 2000 – 2013 New Body Styl. For AC Clutches & Compressors, shop Advance Auto Parts. Ford f150 ac compressor clutch not engaging but if not if i'm wrong then go to autozone or checker and they have this toll kit to replace the clutch and it is 2 - Is there anything else i can do to verify that it is the clutch, not the compressor itself? I have read that if just the clutch goes, you can get away with replacing the compressor/clutch and not the drier / accumulator etc, as the system has not been contaminated with debris. F ind An A/C Kit For Your Jeep! [ WRANGLER AC KITS] [ CJ AC KITS] About Jeep Air ®. Buick Century AC Compressor Cost A Buick Century AC Compressor replacement cost between $604 and $799. I used the 21750 AC Clutch Puller Tool set from Autozone along with their AC Clutch holder tool. I was able to pull the clutch off most of the way with the autozone 27001 AC Clutch Puller. Your order may be eligible for Ship to Home, and shipping is free on all online orders of $35. one tool pulls the clutch plate off and the other pushes it on. The air is still blowing ice cold so would i be ok with just installing a new ac clutch or should i replace the compressor? Also, would a local parts store, like autozone, have this special tool for removal? Air Kampn Autozone Kampn on Sale. We carry reliable parts from brands like Denso, Four Seasons, and UAC. It is possible the threads may just be too rusted on the compressor, but it really seemed like the pullers were too large in diameter anyway. Find our best fitting a/c clutch and components for your vehicle and enjoy free next day delivery or same day pickup at a store near you! Get the job done with the right part, at the right price. Various cut-out switches were all working OK. USEFUL TIP 3: When replacing the clutch kit, it is recommended that any fluid in the clutch hydraulic system be replaced at the same time. I normally do all my own work, however i have never worked on AC. 33. Number: 85152; Notes: Nippondenso HR980, FS-10, FS6 or FX-15 compressor. Honda Civic Parts; Honda Civic Cooling, Heating And Climate Control; Honda Civic Air Conditioning; Honda Civic A/C Clutch and  Get the job done with the right part, at the right price. m. was on a 1979 OLDS DIESEL. System was charged. The line from the clutch electrical connector runs to what I believe is a diode or maybe a voltage / current limiter. Had limited time to spare, so I quickly stopped by this AutoZone to purchase what I needed. Get yours online today and  Shop for Compressor Works A/C Compressor 638363 638363 with confidence at AutoZone. Getting vibration and tinny noise. 12v was showing up at the pigtail leading to the clutch. Here are the damaged ac clutch parts which show major wear. It is held by a 10MM bolt. With the compressor off the pressure was in the red. This is part 2 of an amateur demonstration of how I replaced the Sanden AC clutch pulley bearing on my 1998 Dodge Ram 4X4. Really not sure if it is all t Buy Ram 1500 AC Compressor Clutch Assembly Replacement for Mopar 4882008 A/C: Compressors - Amazon. com. The AC has been nice and cold despite the humid, 90-100*F weather here. Tools and Equipment; Test, Scan And Specialty Tools; Air Conditioning Testing, Scanning and Specialty Tools; A/C Clutch Remover  AutoZone offers Free In-store Pickup for Ford A/C Compressor. Turned out that AutoZone had their numbers backward. Here is the ac clutch coil which can be removed by the cir-clip shown by the center yellow circle. 5% cash back as of Jul 31. They sell a kit with clutch, pressure plate, throw out and pilot bearings and pilot tool. It is mounted in the low pressure side of the AC system and its purpose is to detect the flow of refrigerant in the system by measuring the pressure. you can have your system tested and recharged or you can do that yourself . This case study will help you to test a thermal fan clutch on any GM vehicle equipped with one. I went and rented all the tools from Autozone and came back and tore into it. Should I just replace the clutch ( having tough time finding a shop/mechanic that will do this) or replace the entire compres AutoZone 1R1999 Relay, A/C Clutch, You Can Buy High Quality AutoZone 1R1999 Relay, A/C Clutch from yoyoparts. While the clutch is replacable most repair shops will want to change out the whole compressor unit. So it seems reasonable to me that an IRMC failure could have an effect on the AC clutch. 8 pitch screws from Lowes because the tool kit doesn't come with screws that were the correct size. Combination Wrench Sets. Find FORD MUSTANG Clutch Kits and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Wondering how to use AC Pro with your car or truck? View, Print or Download AC PRO Instructions, and recharge your AC yourself--saving time and money! Part #1, the condenser, is located in front of the radiator. long time ago and the AC was not the more compact one on our cars. I also changed the ac heater control switch in the car. Jerald Brandyn. I have a '97 850. Easy to use parts catalog. If you are lucky and have an air compressor this is a good job for air tools but it can be  Combination Wrench Set – 60Deg – 7-Pce. Improper AC clutch plate spacing or a weak AC clutch coil can also make a grinding or hissing noise when the clutch doesn't engage completely and won't generate enough pressure in the system to keep you cool. I didn't hold the clutch when doing it, so it could spin freely and not really put up to much resistance to the impact wrench. Trust Coupons. Shifting problems may arise from leaking clutch master cylinders, misadjusted clutch cables or worn pivot arms. Don't ask me how! Any way. New AC Compressors are sourced from highest quality vendors, same as most auto parts stores. The AC clutch cycling switch is a very important component to a modern vehicle’s AC system. 7L 2007, A/C Compressor Clutch Coil by Mopar®. Free Same Day Store Pickup. Any advice? Well I tried out 2 different AC clutch plate pullers from Autozone. I could not get either of the pullers to thread into the clutch plate. the clutch tool you mention using on older g. A few years later, and about 100k miles later, I put a new engine in it and decided to replace the clutch with a factory clutch. Just gave it a couple of taps when tightening it. ) The A/C compressor starting whining/buzzing/vibrating soon after getting doused in a water crossing. Buy online   Find our best fitting a/c clutch miscellaneous parts for your vehicle and enjoy free Parts; Cooling, Heating And Climate Control; Air Conditioning; A/C Clutch  A/C Clutch Miscellaneous Parts · A/C Comp Water Valve Slnd Connector · A/C Compressor · A/C Compressor Bypass Pulley · A/C Compressor Clutch Connector. 19 verified AutoZone coupons and promo codes, plus up to 1. Rear AC Block Kit suburban, Yukon, Escalade, Denali, Tahoe 2000-2013 . 150 PSI Compressor with Carry Case Compressor with Carry Case. Available To Order. The AC compressor clutch on my 1989 crapped out. cabin ac button has no effect meaning it doesn't load the engine. 3) snap ring plyers - I bought this from autozone. ACDelco offers a full line of premium auto parts, including for tiers of variety for nearly every make and model. Save on AC Clutch Bearings with great deals at Advance Auto Parts. Get automotive switches, AC compressors, AC clutches, filters and more! Buy online, pick up in-store in 30 minutes. The A/C compressor clutch must be cycled on and off to prevent the evaporator from icing up, as well as to to prevent compressor damage. 7 access cab. Google has plenty of ideas surrounding the clutch not engaging, not so much with the not disengaging. the tool i have will fit from 1980 The best way to remove the clutch fan is to rent the clutch fan wrench from an automotive store (Advance, Autozone, etc). Thanks for your reply, and I really appreciate you taking the time to tell me the dangers of trying to do a job like this. The A/C Compressor is the heart of the air conditioning system, pumping refrigerant to other A/C parts. $669. 12” Dr Click Torque  Mar 29, 2019 Listen for unusual noises coming from the AC. It still blows cold but when the compressor cycles on it makes a fairly loud rattling noise and when the clutch disengages it goes away. The first question that is asked is whether or not the AC relay cycles. Shop immense stock of discount Air Kampn Autozone Kampn from Ebay and examine Air Kampn Autozone Kampn at limited costs from this classification. Testing the AC compressor is a relatively simple task; you must simply follow a few simple steps to determine whether the compressor requires repair or Investigation shows low side pressure high (No high side gauges) and when the car is on, the ac pulley is spinning. The AC quit working in my van. The part number on Honda's estore is: 39794-SDA-A03. That came out easy enough. What is the Ford Escape AC compressor replacement cost? PartsGeek offers Ford Escape AC Compressors at prices from $133. 6. Part Number: MT2027; Location: A/C Clutch Bearing; Warranty: 3 months; Notes: 10PA compressor 30mm inner diameter x 52mm outer diameter x 22mm Thick. Online shopping for Automotive from a great selection of Compressors, Compressor Clutches, Control Valves, Seals, Manifold Parts, Bearings & more at . The labor costs are estimated between $132 and $167 while the parts are priced between $472 and $632. AC compressor clutch wasn't kicking in. AC Compressor Clutch Replacement? I had to borrow an AC pulley removal kit from Autozone (30 free borrowing period, after refundable deposit) to remove and re Lift the A/C clutch disc and hub spacers from the ac compressor shaft, 4) add or remove ac clutch disc and hub spacer based on measurement 5) install the ac clutch disc hub 6) install bolt , hold clutch disc with special tool and tighten 10lb-ft The above is under How to adjust the air gap 0. A/C clutch holding tool: Autozone here A/C clutch hub puller and installer: Autozone here If you do not have a puller, grab this as well: A/C pulley puller: Autozone here I would suggest having a press to remove/install the bearing, but you may be comfortable with other methods. If your AC blows cold for only 5 minutes, and you’ve recharged the R134a, this may be what you need to do. Ask Question the low pressure switch prevents the AC clutch from engaging when the system is low on refrigerant. Get yours online today and  Also if I put oil in the compressor and install it and drive the car 5 miles . I bled the system slightly because I figured the gauge wasn't working. The compressor was replaced last year 4/08 and coverted over to 134A by previous owner. Be sure to see both the part I video and the video description on that i have only adjusted an AC clutch once. Mercedes 560SL. Open the hood, and turn on both your car and the A/C. 1998 Dodge Ram AC clutch won't engage. Includes AC panel, shift console, dash strips, and ash tray cover. A damaged ignition coil could even cause an electrical short that can damage your Honda Civic's electrical system or blow a fuse. 8390, 9285, 9279, 9005, 9263, 9264: 2: 1/2" 12v: 132 mm: cl 1000: 9283, 9537, 9570: pv 7 Thanks for Shopping at AutoZone! Now you can find, submit, and track your rebate online. Shop with confidence. 020" for some reason some clutch plates will move in on their own and scrub the face. If other clutch issues have been ruled out, the transmission will be removed and the clutch, pressure plate and flywheel will be inspected and repaired as needed. If you need high quality aftermarket parts, car batteries, car accessories or car care products to keep your vehicle in great shape, you've come to the right place. Autozone changed a alternator pulley for me so I could gice them the core after I had it tested. a/c clutches will work. The most time consuming part was carefully grinding off where they shot peened the edge of the the clutch disk bearing socket to allow the old bearing to be pressed out. I found the bearing from Rock Auto when I got home. AUTOZONE, INC PROMOTION OFFER PROMOTION RULES: AUTO1350 AutoZone Rebate. but for what it is worth: i bought the tool at NAPA. For my Mazda B2200 truck, the Autozone loaner tools did not fit its Sanden compressor, I ended up making my own AC clutch removal tools. Yesterday the ac clutch starting grinding and spitting out metal shavings. Check out free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing while you are in  Order Nissan Sentra AC Compressor online today. Dodge Nitro 3. What are the signs of a failing AC compressor? A leaking or worn out bearing will produce a high-pitched squealing or grinding sound, while a seized bearing will produce a grinding noise or a belt squeal. Still cycling but not as bad. Checking on the clutch is an easy task. With it on, the pressure was in the green. Tested belt tension and idler pulley; all good. The only other thing they checked was the fuses and relay before running out of time that day. Order A/C Clutch Spacer/Shims for your vehicle and pick it up in store—make your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. I was able to jump the compressor. the front clip back on it I went to go get the a/c flush kit from autozone. I have already gathered the information I need on HOW to do the clutch replacement, but my main concern is that it doesn't seem possible to do without pulling the compressor due to its mounting location. What Chemicals Does an A/C Compressor Use? An A/C compressor uses refrigerants to do what they need to do. Jeep Air is dedicated to the Jeep enthusiast. Vintage GM A/C Compressor Clutch Remover Air AC Automotive Auto Puller Tool Kit. 00+. I'm not sure why but if asked to guess, it's a method to disable the AC clutch when the motor load is heavy. 030 in, but because you got to remove the To remove the AC clutch assembly remove the hex nut on the outside of the clutch plate. You've Selected Remove. Searching your local AutoZone Network for Access to this site feature is temporarily disabled because your AutoZonePro. Jeep Liberty AC Compressor Clutch Repair KIT 2008 2009 2010 A/C Rating Required Select Rating 1 star (worst) 2 stars 3 stars (average) 4 stars 5 stars (best) Name Seltec / Valeo - Clutch 1501037. When power is applied to the clutch it engages to turn the compressor. of Grooves: 1 groove I was able to burn out my stock clutch in 23,000 miles in my 2. Get yours online today and  Relays; Cooling, Heating And Climate Control Relays; Relay - A/C Clutch A/ C Switch · Relay - A/C Comp Throttle Cut-Off · Relay - A/C Compressor Control  Equip cars, trucks & SUVs with A/C Clutch Coil Connector from AutoZone. Visit Store Locator to learn about Hours Of Operation and Contact Information of your local AutoZone. AutoZone is the largest chain of auto parts and auto spares stores in sub-Saharan Africa. Friction and heat produced as this part spins can cause it to wear quickly. For most people I recommend the standard OEM replacement at your local AutoZone store. Shop for Santech A/C Compressor Clutch Hub MT2302 MT2302 with confidence at AutoZone. com sanden compressor model: grooves: groove width: volts: clutch diameter: part no. Auto AC Compressor - AutoZone Car Care -+ Dailymotion. NAPA also has some tools behind the counter. Usually Ships within 1-2 Business Days. brcidd is correct on the gap between the clutch plate and face need . AutoZoners - gogch. For You AC Problems, Compressor Clutch Repair, Volvo 850, V70, S70, etc - Auto Repair Series. Buy online, pick up in-store in 30 minutes. I have an extended warranty, so I took it to the dealership for the repair. Had it at my local dealer for the fuel tank replacement and asked them to check AC for proper function. Dealer checked system and it is pressurized but not blowing cold. com Home > Product > Automotive Electric System > AC & Electricity > Relay >AutoZone 1R1999 Relay, A/C Clutch Welcome to AutoZone SA. Order yours online today and pick up from the store. I bought that clutch kit from AutoZone. An AC clutch cycling switch is used to determine low side A/C pressure (which is directly - AC clutch removal tool (free rental from Autozone) - snap ring pliers (free rental, or $6 to buy) - 10mm & 14mm sockets - 12mm wrench - hammer & round blunt for bearing extraction - 10 ton press for bearing insertion (or pay a shop $15 to do it) ii) Parts needed: - AC Clutch bearing (<$20 from Houston bearing online) The AC compressor clutch is the power feed to your AC compressor. the R134A is If your car's air conditioner (AC) stops blowing cold air and appears to only blow air, it may be low on Freon -- or it may require a new AC compressor. For removal and installation of AC compressor clutches for many Ford, GM, Chrysler; Heat treated pullers for toughness; Handles 75% of models that's on the   Order Honda Civic AC Compressor online today. Order Cooling Fan Clutch for your vehicle and pick it up in store—make your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. Reg. Seltec / Valeo - Clutch 1501033. Description: Seltec Clutch 511587, 511870, 524-19719 1grv, 12V Additional Description: Leaf Spring style Volts: 12V No. An A/C clutch is where the belt is attached and engages as soon as the air conditioner is turned on. There are some shims behind the clutch plate and on the compressor shaft. If you get a magnetic tug on it, but the compressor doesn't engage, pull off the clutch plate from the compressor input shaft and pull out a shim until the gap is reduced enough for a proper engage. Air conditioning . Replaced the cycling switch(ac pressure switch) 5. The clutch was engaged before recharging and now it cycles on and off. The compressor is the unit that cools the air before it enters into the Honda's cabin. Autozone remanufactured AC compressors warranty on anything but a house brand non-heavy duty clutch, and they have the weak cheesy Neapco U-joints instead of the The A/C compressor clutch shim, for instance, is a seemingly minor part, but it plays a major role in supporting and adjusting the clutch. Description: Seltec Compressor parts – Seltec Clutch, 1grv, 12V OEM#: ABPN83 303241; 261, ABPN83 303261, 511575, 511869, 524-19718 The clutch is one of the key components in your air conditioning system. Cost of Replacing a Bad or Failing AC Compressor. At AutoZone Air Conditioning loaner/rental tools, they’ve got clutch holding tools, clutch hub installer, remover, clutch kit, clutch plate remover, clutch puller jaws, pulley puller, shoe tools, A/C flush kits, expansion valve tube removers, and office tube tools that you can rent. Search for car parts, truck parts and aftermarket auto parts now. Designed utilizing the latest technology, this product by Mopar features premium quality and will perform better than advertised. Use the map to find AutoZone Store near you. hate to bring up old threads but needed some additional info than what was provided. com user profile is incomplete. No neeed to drain and re-charge the AC system. Autozone hooked me up and exchanged the compressor for me to see if it would make a difference. Has anyone here replaced the clutch, and if so did the unit hold up? Autozone has one for $68; versus $414 for the whole compressor. If you can turn the AC on, and tap on the clutch to get it to engage (like the test to see if your clutch gap is too large), a tight AC belt should hold the clutch from turning enough to get the bolt or nut off. Gently tap around the face of the clutch plate with a hammer and the clutch plate should slide off with hand pressure. I would think an impact is key for removing and tightening pulleys. Then the clutch and its bearing are next. SOURCE: ac compressor clutch does not engage to prevent damage to the air conditioning system there is a "low pressure switch" located on the condenser near the low pressure hose (large one) . Use a screwdriver, or something that fits and hold it in front of the clutch plate. Turned out that my car was a very early 86 that was made in 85 and guess what, the 85 clutch fit, or so I thought. We'll deliver the parts you need at prices you'll love. Find our best fitting a/c clutch miscellaneous parts for your vehicle and enjoy free next day delivery or same day pickup at a store near you! Advance Auto Parts located at 3421 Transit Road in Depew, NY services vehicles for AC and Heating Repair, Clutch Repair. Pay attention to the small shims when removing the clutch disc. The part#s were OEM#27005 and OEM#27006. 014-0. Can You Guys Help w/my Silverado AC Clutch/Compressor? you get better assembly instructions with your new clutch. First thing I found was that I needed a 10MM socket to remove the fixed portion of the clutch. I plugged it in last night, and found the problem persisted, so I didn't bother to mention in the first place. (If AutoZone doesn't rent it. Please review and update your profile and then try again. Call (716) 656-8970 to book an appointment or to hear more about the services of Advance Auto Parts. AC system worked better this morning, and just fine (>30 min) this afternoon when driving around. The plug for the ac clutch is shown in the red, the little orange clip will need to come out before the electrical connection will pull apart. You can test the clutch relay for power with a test light. TERMS AND CONDITIONS: MAXIMUM Turn your AC on, with clutch coil getting voltage. Jul 5, 2018 Here's how to shim the AC clutch on an 850, V70/XC70 up to 2000, S70, Cool Zone #390 complete recharge kit” I bought from autozone $48  An air conditioner has 5 main parts: The compressor, Evaporator (in the heater You can buy the manifold gauge set at AutoZone or O'Reilly for about $90 or  repairing a Neon clutch - step by step guide with photos. Keep your car pumping cool air with a new AC compressor from AutoZone. if the refrigerrant (R134A) gets too low then the clutch will be blocked from activating by that switch . Check out free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing while you are in  Shop for Duralast A/C Compressor Clutch Connector 1549 1549 with confidence at AutoZone. AC Compressor. Purchase a minimum of four ACDelco Professional Iridium, Professional Double Platinum, Rapidfire Performance Single Platinum or Professional Conventional Spark Plugs between 01/01/17 and 12/31/17 to receive a maximum rebate of $48 by mail. Need help, please. 86. Find OEM Automotive Tools Air Conditioning Compressor Clutch Pulley Adjustable Puller Tools 27001 and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! OEM Automotive Tools air conditioning compressor clutch pulley adjustable puller tools make quick and easy work of most compressor pulley removal jobs. This is a tool kit for servicing gm air conditioning compressors . I evacuated the system and then forced charged it by jumping the relay. Compressor still not working. My 94 GT just began having an issue with its ac. Part #4 is the clutch assembly that mates to compressor, part #3. com for Auto Parts savings. A/C Parts House carries more than 1,200 new and remanufactured AC Compressors. All our auto AC parts are guaranteed against manufacturer defect for a full year after purchase. Here’s the now famous DIY procedure to fix your air conditioning with a AC clutch shim, but for the Volvo S60. If your AC is not properly cooling the vehicle, the AC clutch relay could be faulty. Download a PDF on Replacing the Clutch Kit 2007 Dodge Ram 3500 Diesel AC Compressor Clutch Repair KIT A/C Rating Required Select Rating 1 star (worst) 2 stars 3 stars (average) 4 stars 5 stars (best) Name 4. Hoping it's the clutch. Auto Air Online offers a full line of OEM and aftermarket automotive air conditioning parts at wholesale prices direct to the public and to automotive repair shops. Also found that Sylvania 2721 LL from Autozone worked well to replace burnt-out stock bulb for fan dial. RockAuto ships auto parts and body parts from over 300 manufacturers to customers' doors worldwide, all at warehouse prices. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Find great deals on eBay for ac clutch puller. don't know how but think its the engaging that pulls it in over time. Here's your tool. Easy to work on since the compressor remains in place, only the clutch disk with bearing is removed. AC clutch turns on just fine. 43 reviews of AutoZone Auto Parts "One of those dreaded check fluid lights came on while driving. When you finally know if your air conditioning system uses R12 or R134a and the exact A/C compressor model required in your vehicle, then you are now in a better position to select the right compressor for your automobile's A/C. Get the job done with the right part, at the right price. The install was very smooth. Get started by choosing a link below. 2005 Magnum RT, AC not working. Related: Home Depot Equipment Rental Guide 2) AC clutch puller - this tool allows you to take off the AC clutch pulley, which is the part that the belt sits on that freely spins. My transmission guy told me that he uses and swears by "perfection", sold mostly by AUTOZONE. This site is designed to make all air conditioning components and complete kits available for all American made Jeep vehicles. So the electrical worked OK. It's possible for the clutch to be replaced, but replacing the entire compressor usually turns out as the most efficient repair. It is basically a magnet a/c compressor clutch is the The grounds for the AC clutch go through the IMRC control. 33 to $282. ac clutch autozone

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